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Common Sense Training Tips

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There are a lot of tips that are just plain old common sense. But yet people often try and ignore common sense. common sense training tipsMaybe that is the way everyone else does it (even if everyone is just 5 other guys) or that is the way they were taught. Who knows why people get some notions stuck in their head. But when it rubs against the grain of what should be common sense you just need to stop and think about it for a minute.

Usually, common sense will win out every time.

CS Training Tips

  • Use a full range of motion – This seems like a no-brainer. You muscle has fibers in the entire muscle so ideally you would want to work the full range of motion to hit as many fibers as possible. Yet you continually see people doing partial reps with very heavy weight. It defies logic! Yes occasionally heavy partial reps can help gain strength to get past sticking points but otherwise you are just missing out on the real workout.
  • Less Momentum – Momentum is a nice thing, when you are coasting on a bike. In the gym it just means you are using physics instead of muscle. Take side laterals for example, using your lower body to heave the weights up does not help engage the side deltoids. The muscle you are targeting should be doing the work.
  • Sleep is king – People need to sleep more. You grow when you rest. When you are well rested you have more energy in the gym. It seems quite simple that sleeping 7 to 8 hours should be the norm. But for some reason people try and get by with less. Skip a gym session and go to bed early; your body will thank you for it with more energy and growth.
  • Deadlifts Rule – Hardly anyone does this lift anymore. People instead do all sorts of other exercises to cover the muscle groups worked with this one mass builder. It is not the same. You cannot recreate the effects a great compound exercise has by doing isolation exercises. Your lower back and traps will never get stronger from shrugs and good mornings compared to doing deadlifts.
  • Bigger Body, Bigger Arms – If you want 20 inch pythons then your whole body needs to get bigger. All the bicep curls in the world are not going to make your arms bigger unless your body gets bigger first. Plus both the triceps and biceps handle heavy loads when working the back and chest. There has never been a case of a guy with huge arms and a tiny torso.
  • Calves and Abs aren’t unique – They are muscles just like pecs, lats, and quads. You don’t work them 6 times a week because they ‘get worked all the time in daily activity’. You can work them 2-3 times per week just like any other body part or you will just overtrain them.
  • Warm-ups are necessary – But by that you should be warming up the entire body with some light cardio and then stretching. A lot of people do a bunch of warm-up sets as well instead of limiting those warm-ups and getting to work. Save that time and energy. The muscles and tendons can only get so warm.

Those are our top tips about common sense misconceptions. Hopefully that clears a few things up for you if you were doing them wrong. There is no shame in it, just make the adjustments and enjoy the results!

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