Doing Pull-ups will Catch a Woman’s Eye

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The article title isn’t meant to falsely attract your attention; it is actually true. Women are naturally more attracted to doing pull-ups will catch a womans eyemen that have a v-taper with their upper body. Specifically a ration of 1.6:1 from shoulders to waist or greater is extremely appealing. Also a nice looking back is visually impressive because it is generally surrounded by strong shoulders. Women seem to really like that type of look.

So what is the quickest way to get that ratio working in your favor? Yup, you guessed it; by doing pull-ups.

The Pull-Up

If you could only do one exercise for your back it would be deadlifts. But if you could do two then pull-ups would enter the picture. Pull-ups train the back muscles from top to bottom working on width and thickness. Plus developing a powerful back then leads to greater stabilization in the shoulder joints. Those stronger joints in turn lead to lifting heavier weights in upper body lifts. The flip side is weak shoulder joints mean less weight lifted. So, it makes sense that building a strong back will benefit all those muscles on the front as well.

You should grab the bar with a slightly wide than shoulder grip. Each person will find a different position more or less comfortable based on body mechanics. You should look up towards the ceiling and cross your feet at the ankle. Arch your back slightly and pull your chest up to the bar while pulling your elbows back and squeezing your shoulder blades together. Try and hold a pause at the top of possible and make sure to go slow on the way down to obtain the maximum benefit from the negative motion.

How many reps can you do or should you do? Most of us are rather weak when starting this movement so instead of aiming for sets and reps the goal should be a fixed number as quickly as possible. Start by aiming for 25 reps as fast as possible. It might take 5 sets to get it done the first time and quite a few minutes. But as the weeks go by you should be able to reach that total in less sets. Can you do all 25 reps in under 2 minutes? When you can do it easily in two sets simply add another 5 reps on to the total.

Some people like to use straps to help keep themselves on the bar. While this can be useful, overall it is detrimental to your development because your forearms need to gain strength as well as your back. You can use a palms-out grip or neutral grip for this exercise, both work the back effectively. Ideally you would want to perform reps with no excess body motion but in the beginning it is fine to use a slight leg kick if necessary. As your muscle strength increases the need for this sort of help will lessen.

Between sets only rest as long as you think you need to. Shake out your arms a little bit to help keep the blood flowing. Generally the rest periods increase as you head towards the 25 rep count as your body gets more fatigued. Now get to it and start working on your own head-turning v-taper!

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