The High Rep Chest Blaster

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Everyone wants more when it comes to chest development. Thicker pecs, more definition, a bigger bench press. To get that sometimes you have to shake up your training regime. One way to do that is working in higher reps with your lower rep routine.

Higher reps work the endurance fibers and help with muscle growth. A muscle is comprised of more than one type of fiber and additional muscle growth, even in the endurance fibers, does increase overall strength as well.

So to that end we have a simple addition to your current chest workout.high rep chest blaster

The High Rep Blast

Try this as a replacement workout for your current chest routine. Alternate by either doing this routine every-other workout or doing this for 2-4 sessions then back to your normal routine for 2-4 sessions. Or try each method and then decide what works best for you. Variety creates muscle confusion which spurs growth so really all methods should work.

  • Bench Press (using only 100lbs) – 2 sets for as many repetitions as possible
  • Incline Dumbbell Flyes – 2 sets of 6 to 10 repetitions
  • Pushups (with feet on a bench) – 2 sets for as many repetitions as possible
  • Dumbbell Straigh-Arm Pullovers – 2 sets of 8 to 12 repetitions

The idea here is to work those endurance fibers in a way you probably never have. The bench presses will get you an insane pump. The flyes will then stretch and contract your muscles. You follow that with another insane pump from the pushups. Then you finish it off with a rib-stretching bunch of pullovers.

This routine is also great for athletes in sports like baseball, basketball, and football. You are training your upper body to have repetitive strength over a longer period which will translate into maintaining strength and power over a longer period of time such as at the end of a game when you really need it.

More than likely you will be extremely sore after the first few workouts because of the combination of pumping and stretching. Make sure you get proper rest and stretch out your chest on the following day to increase your recovery rate and hasten muscle repair and growth.

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