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Natural Muscle Gaining Tips

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Being a skinny guy can be a blessing and a curse. Younger guys have to deal with not being able to add significantmuscle gaining tips weight or muscle to their frames. This can be very limiting in regards to self perception as well as athletic endeavors. There can also be a bit of resentment from being able to eat anything and yet never gain weight like other people with different body styles do.

Talk about the double edged sword.

While the skinny guy is definitely lucky to not have to worry as much about gaining fat, the problem of gaining muscle can be annoying. Luckily there are some proven methods for getting past this. So if you are tired of slamming your head against the wall in frustration over your lack of size, read on and try these tips.

Muscle Gaining Tips

  • Eating is the Priority – By this we mean your entire day should be scheduled around your fuel intake. There is nothing more important for a skinny guy than ensuring he has the proper level of protein and carbohydrates in his system at all times. This means planning 6 meals a day, eating every 3-4 hours, cooking, and everything else that serious athletes and body builders do. Since your body is on overdrive you need to be eating a lot regularly if you want to have the blocks to build with. Foods ingested must be of high quality and not junk. There are plenty of great nutrition articles on this site so start reading and learn about what to eat, not just that you have to eat a lot.
  • Short Training Sessions – You should be lifting weights for 30 to 45 minutes maximum. You need to work out very intensely over the short period and then let your body grow. Plus when you workout for less than an hour your body tends to spike more growth hormone in the natural recovery process.
  • Post Workout Meal – You can never ever skip this. I highly recommend a protein shake and yogurt as soon as you finish lifting. Protein ingested right after a workout will cause another spike in growth hormone. This natural spike will help with size increases.
  • Supplements – These are meant to be used in addition to your regularly great diet. Don’t expect to do more than sit on the toilet all day if you just chug weight gainer shakes to add size. Protein shakes 1-2 times a day are acceptable. Creatine, a multi vitamin, fish oil, and some other basic vitamins or minerals are a great addition to a well balanced diet. But don’t believe all the hype people try to sell you. Hard work builds size, not supplements.
  • Skip the Cardio – Ideally you want to focus on lifting heavy, eating a lot, and resting to recover. With a naturally high metabolism, you really only need a minimal (1-2 session per week) amount of cardio exercise to maintain a medium level of fitness and health. If you play an active sport already then try and cut back on additional work while focusing on gaining mass.
  • Sleep – You want a solid 8 hours a night if you are trying to gain size. The body recuperates the best during sleep so make sure you are doing what you can.
  • Compound Exercises – Focus on compound movements that work section of your body. As workouts should be short and intense, you don’t have time for lots of isolation exercises nor do you need them until you have added lots of size.


Remember, for skinny guys the rules are different. With the hyper metabolism and hard-gainer approach to adding size you can’t expect to follow the same rules that other people do. So try these tips and stick to it. They have worked on countless people and can work for you!

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