The Alternative Exercises

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One nice thing about being involved in fitness for a long time is watching it change and evolve. New machines, new trends, and new ways to workout are constantly being created which is a wonderful thing. Along with having new techniques that can train you more efficiently there is a great deal of variety which provides an excellent change of pace.

With that in mind there are some great exercises that people should know about to include in there exercise toolbox. Having more options is a good thing as it allows you to create a routine that gives you exactly what you need. As not everyone is the same, having options to be able to adjust a routine and make it more personalized is going to help you reach your own goals faster.alternative exercises

Alternative Exercises

Log Toss – You can do it with a partner or a smooth wall and you need a medicine ball. It is an explosive movement that is great for anyone who is involved in athletics. For this exercise think speed and not muscle power. This is great for your core, hips, and shoulders.

You start with a medicine ball between your feet near the heel. With knees slightly bent you bend down with a flat back and grab the ball with two hands. In one smooth motion whip your arms forward as you stand up, letting go of the ball and launching it forward at waist height towards the wall or a partner. Your momentum keeps going up as you want to raise your arms to the sky and let your hips push all the way forward. It is a very smooth, fluid motion that uses the whole body.

Mogul Jump – This exercise is named after the ski jumps that it is similar too. It works the arms, shoulders, hips, quads, and calves. It is one of those great all-purpose exercises that mixes in well to circuit routines.

Start on your hands and knees on the ground. Your arms stay in a fixed position and then you lift your knees slightly off the ground with your weight on the balls of your feet. Now from this position twist your hips and hop to the right. Your feet should land outside your shoulders. Then hop to the left while twisting your hips back. Once you get a feel for it you can speed up your jumps as well as going higher and even adding in fun things like leg kicks.

Sit-Up Throw – This is another great partner exercise or solo exercise with a wall. It really works the arms, shoulders, and core. It is much more efficient than the stand-up throw. Sit on the ground in front of a wall with legs straight in front of you and a medicine ball in your hands. Lie back and let the ball travel over your head as you get flat to the ground. Contract your core and bring your arms and shoulders off the ground as you fire the ball into the wall in front of you. Keep rising up using your hips and abs until you are sitting upright and catch the ball on the rebound and let its momentum start your reverse motion. Speed and explosion are the keys.

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