Tried and True Metabolism Boosters

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Not all metabolisms are created the same. Some people are blessed with a naturally ultra-fast metabolism. You know those people, the ones who never seem to gain weight no matter what they eat. Their bodies are burning calories so quickly no matter what they do that sometimes it is a struggle for them to add weight when they want to.

That is a real horrible problem to have, right?

Of course if their goal is to gain muscle then yes it actually is; but that is a different article. Today we are focused on finding ways to crank up our natural metabolic rate to be more like them and hummingbirds. That way we will have to spend less time doing cardio to try and take off or keep off weight and will have more time for other fun pursuits.

Quick Metabolic Boosterstried and true metabolism boosters

Eat a Lot – Don’t starve your body because it will respond by slowing down your metabolism out of concern. Instead eat lots of meals filled with nutrition-dense foods with fiber and other nutrients that take a while (and lots of energy) to digest. This will keep your body working at a higher rate all day long. Additionally when you stop eating your body starts to burn muscle tissue for energy and gets replaced by fat more easily.

Protein Please – Eating protein is great (and necessary) for lean muscle. You need at least 1 gram per pound of bodyweight if you are trying to get lean and add muscle. Also protein takes longer to digest and can increase the calories spent after eating by more than 30 percent.

Stand Up – Sitting down is very comfortable but after long 3 to 4 hour periods of being on your duff the body tends to shift into a sedentary mode where the enzyme that controls fat metabolism slows down to a crawl. Since you don’t want that to happen you should try and get up and walk around every hour, even if it is just going to the water cooler for a refill.

Go Cold – Speaking of water, make sure to drink it cold. You can even add ice if you want. Your body then spends calories heating the water (and the parts of your body cooled while drinking) back to your normal body temperature.

Get Fired Up – Hot peppers and chilies increase your output of heat in your body. That means more calories being burned while the furnace goes hot to the tune of about 20% more calories.

More Iron – Make sure you consume plenty of iron rich foods. As iron help move oxygen in your body the stores can be depleted easily during the day. When you get low your energy level dips and metabolism slows down.

Big D – Vitamin D helps with your metabolism but only about 20 percent of people in the United States get the daily requirement in. If you are deficient then so is your metabolism.

Stay Hydrated – Everyone know you should drink lots of water but you need to do it regularly throughout the day. Everything in the body that involves a chemical reaction needs water. If you aren’t properly hydrated you could be burning 1-2 percent less calories over the course of the entire day. If you figure that you burn 1500-2000 calories in a day that means you could be missing out on 15 to 40 calories a day or more just from water.

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