What is the best readily available pre workout drink?

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What should you be chugging down before you hit the gym or pavement, depending on your choice of workout? Most people enjoy water while others like to get a boost from Gatorade or similar styled sports-energy drink. But what does our body really need?

Many times people develop a ritual and their body adapts to it. But just because we adapt that doesn’t mean we can’t do better in our choice of a pre workout drink.

Top Choices

It is really hard to pick just one. There are a lot of things out on the market so naturally that means some products that will be close to others in regards to what they give you and the benefits they readily available pre workout drink

  • Coconut Water – Along with water this drink features low sugar and minerals like magnesium, potassium, and sodium.
  • Water – Yes, plain water is still the best way to replace fluids lost in your body. Drinking 15 to 20 ounces of water before a workout will help ensure you are fully hydrated by ‘go’ time.
  • Low Sodium V8 – Filled with vegetable juice, potassium, and electrolytes means you are getting full on the good stuff.
  • Gatorade – Professional athletes everywhere use it and for good reason. While it does have some sugars in it there are also lots of other things like electrolytes.
  • Shakes – When talking about a pre workout drink we are primarily looking at hydration. Most shake options include supplements like Creatine and are fantastic to consume before a workout. But we typically include that type of item as a pre workout snack. But if you were to include shakes then products like Muscle Pharm Assault, MHP X-Fit Trainer, or BioQuest Alpha Fury would top the list. They all provide unique blends of aminos, antioxidants, and glucose that will load your system up with everything it needs for a powerful and long lasting contest at the gym.

Things to Avoid

Some of the worst things for a pre workout drink are high sugar options. Any sort of soda is definitely an awful choice. By the same token ‘energy’ drinks like Red Bull or Rockstar just fill you full of high calorie sugar and not the real kind of energy your body needs for a good workout and recovery. Juices like Minute Maid or similar options are bad choices because of the sugars and sweeteners they use.

Both black coffee and green tea make for interesting choices because if you do not add sugar to them then they can provide a caffeine boost to your system. If you are suffering from very low energy even with a good pre workout meal then they are not bad choices. However, if you spike them with a lot of sweeteners then forget it.

The Bottom Line

There are a lot of great pre workout drink options. It really depends on the type of workout you engage in for which is the best choice of you. People who are planning on running long distance are going to gain a lot more benefit from water or a similar replenishing fluid. On the other hand, people involved in bodybuilding are going to need the supplements and nutrients in some of the shake options like Gaspari’s SuperPump Max.

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