Top Foods Women Should Avoid When Dieting

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People constantly tell you what you should eat when dieting. You get lists of veggies, fruits, nuts, complex-wholetop foods women should avoid when dieting grain foods, lean proteins, and all other sorts of foods that you must eat! People happily tell you how often to eat, when to eat, where to eat, and how fast to eat.

But what about the things you need to avoid?

What happens when you got to lunch with your friends or get stuck working late and need some food. Maybe you are on a trip or crazily just want to get some sort of treat for yourself. It sure would be nice to have a handy list of things you shouldn’t eat because those are the things that push you way off the healthy track.

Foods to Avoid When Dieting

  • Any Frapuccino – Yes they taste delicious but those frapuccinos are pure evil to a dieter. On average a 16 ounce drink has a whopping 60 grams of sugar! Go with a nice iced coffee and add a little sweet n low instead.
  • Oats N Honey Granola Bars – This seems like a healthy snack but in actuality they use a lot of sugar to keep the oats together. You can find low sugar options if you hunt around but there are better granola bar options available.
  • Canned Fruits – They are easy and very tasty. But even when they say in water versus syrup it doesn’t make them much healthier. The sugar content can range up to 25-30 grams in a serving which converts straight to fat later.
  • Some Yogurt – You need to read labels with yogurt because often the highly touted ‘low fat’ options are just high sugar. Basic plain, non-fat yogurts can be mixed with a banana or a few drops of honey for a healthier option with a good amount of protein.
  • Bagels – They are low in fat but very high in carbohydrates which converts to fat when unused. If you have to then just eat half a bagel at a time and be careful what you spread on it. Honestly a good whole grain toast is a better option.
  • White Rice – Generally speaking all white carbohydrates should be avoided because they break down into glucose quickly and generally make you hungrier than any food has a right too. Potatoes fall into this category as well.
  • Pasta – Pasta usually seems like a safe choice except the normal portions yield a huge amount of complex carbohydrates. If not used then it is a problem. Whole grain pasta is a good option if you can order it (or if you cook it).
  • Dried Fruit – It is healthy but the added sugar used in making it turns this into a dangerous snack that is easy to go overboard on. It is a nice addition to trail mix however when you have other things like nuts to help fill you up.

We didn’t list soda, alcohol, fried foods, fast foods, and candy because everyone knows you are supposed to avoid those foods. You can toss donuts, chips, cookies, and all desserts to that list as well. A treat every once in a while is fine (with a moderate portion – not binging) but otherwise everything we just listed here and above need to be skipped if you want to achieve your dietary goal.

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