Is the Protein in Eggs Effective for Building Muscle?

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Okay, just about everyone has related the fact that you need protein to build muscle. But, like most things in nature, not all protein is created equally. So how effective is the protein in eggs? Let’s jump right in and see what happens when the chicken crosses the road and walks into a gym shall we?is egg protein effective for building muscle

Comparing Proteins

According to such erstwhile sources as Rocky Balboa, all you really need to start your day is a half-dozen raw eggs and a glass before you hit your workout. To say that is just a horrible idea in knowing what we do today about nutrition is a big understatement. Along with concerns over salmonella poisoning, there doesn’t seem to be any benefit for going raw other than saving time.

Now as far as protein sources go, eggs are pretty darn good. Using the biological value rating scale (comprised to help rate proteins based on how easily digestible and usable a protein is), eggs are the top of the scale with a perfect 100 rating. Egg whites rate at a solid 88 comparatively. While you lose a little fat from the yolk you also are cutting out some valuable protein.

From a natural standpoint eggs rate the highest on scale for all protein sources. They have the best digestion rate. Of course engineered sources such as whey protein or modified egg protein powder can exceed that 100 rating; eggs are still above everything else naturally occurring like chicken, fish, milk, soy, or beef.


The protein in eggs is considered a great source for people who workout and are looking to build muscle because it has plenty of amino acids and glutamic acid. That high absorption rate combined without how much of the protein your body can utilize (effectively all of it) means you are getting a faster, more effective boost to your system. This can be particularly effective during recovery when your body becomes more nutrient starved as it is trying to repair the muscle damage from a workout and building those muscles stronger.

Because of the overall effectiveness on the body, the protein in eggs is recommended for anyone whether they are trying to build muscles or not. As non-athletes have a minimum amount of protein they should be taking in, eggs provide a high quality source to meet that need.

The only side effect from eggs is a negative reaction from those people who are allergic to them.

Methods for Consumption

Egg protein is available in a powder form and makes a great shake. You can also hard boil or cook eggs in a few ways. Eggs should not be eaten raw as you can get sick and there are no proven benefits of consuming a raw egg over a cooked one regardless of wives tales passed down. Plus eating them raw can interfere with absorption of biotin because the raw egg whites have a protein called avidin that burns off when cooked. Avidin can bind with biotin and block the absorption process.

The bottom line is that the protein in eggs is the best natural source of protein you can get and will greatly benefit anyone who is trying to build muscle.

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