What is Crossfit?

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Part of our goal here is to educate all levels of fitness and health enthusiasts. So we haveCrossFit articles covering all types of training, nutrition, and concepts. As part of our general Q&A we are covering some of the basic questions that people new to fitness and working out have such as, “What is Crossfit?”

For those who aren’t aware of this fitness craze, Crossfit is a hard-core strength and conditioning program. Originally it was a business founded back in the year 2000 by Greg Glassman. Initially it was utilized by police, military, and firefighters as an intense form of training to help them with their professions.

Type of Program

When you ask what is Crossfit, it is easy to answer what it isn’t; easy. This strength and conditioning program combines all out intensity and effort with a wide variety of activities that combine bursts of cardio activity with strength tests and bodyweight exercises.

The general idea behind the program is to vary the type of activities forcing the body to adapt and work very hard. Additionally the exercises are considered ‘functional movements’ to help improve not only the overall level of fitness but also helping prepare people in police, military, fire, and other active duty positions to be better able to handle the normal rigors of their professions.

But because of the workout and how effective it is, numerous professional athletes and fitness enthusiasts have joined the ‘Crossfit Revolution’ with the goal of getting in better overall shape. There are now even the Crossfit Games where people compete is super intense series of workouts.

Sample Exercises

What is Crossfit? Everything you might imagine doing in a P.E. class mixed with an obstacle course and stirred with some weightlifting. You do sprints, jump rope, running in place, jumping exercises, weightlifting, plyometrics, bodyweight exercises, core work, and even carrying heavy objects.

Depending on the gym you might use any of the following during a workout: barbells, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, Swiss balls, rope, and boxes. Exercises are mixed together in a variety of ways to keep your heart rate up and body working at all times in one manner or another. You might sprint across the room and back, then do 20 push-ups, followed by 20 jumping jacks, and then do 20 overhead presses with a barbell. Then maybe you would march in place for 30 seconds to catch your breath before starting a different cycle.

Who is it For?

This exercise program is not for the beginner at all. The level of intensity required is very difficult to prepare for if you have not pushed yourself before. If you are asking ‘what is Crossfit’ and considering it as a workout program you should have at least 6 months or a year of moderate to intense cardio and weight training under your belt.

While you can still participate in a session, if your body is not prepared as well as your mind, the recovery period will be greater than from other types of classes. Also as some of the exercises require a certain degree of speed and coordination, people who are more familiar with various techniques and exercises will have an easier time picking it up.

For those who are still in the beginner stages of fitness, it is recommended to start with aerobic style classes and general weightlifting before progressing to such an intense program.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully this helped answer the question, what is Crossfit. For people who are serious about health and fitness and are looking for a tough challenge then this is a great program. You have to push yourself and other people tend to compete with you which really ups the ante in regards to how hard you work. But for those who are newer to working out this program should be a goal to work towards to ensure your body is ready for it.

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