10 Muscle Building Mistakes

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Having a problem gaining muscle? Maybe you are making one of those mistakes that youMuscle Building Mistakes should avoid. Check out this list of some of the biggest problems people end up doing and see if you can find anything that is holding you back.

While some of this might seem like basic information, as you train and learn sometimes you can get off on a side road and forget some of the foundation principles everyone needs. Let this list serve as a reminder along with a checklist of the definite ‘Don’ts’ you should never do.

Top 10 Muscle Building Mistakes

  1. Skipping the Basics – Big, compound movements build big muscles. You can do leg extensions perfectly all you want but that will never add size the way squats do. Each session should focus on more compound exercises compared to isolation exercises.
  2. Cut Back on Cardio – If you are truly trying to gain muscle size then cardio work needs to be kept at a minimum. A few sessions a week are good to maintain conditioning but beyond that long cardio sessions or sports should be more of a minimal activity or you will be taking away energy from muscle gain and recovery.
  3. Bad Habits – Smoking and drinking will derail any training program; that includes drug use. The idea is that your body is a temple, not a dive bar. An occasional drink is fine but regular intake of foreign substances that negatively affect your body will stunt your growth capabilities.
  4. Food Intake – No fuel equals no growth. You need to be eating a proper diet of good foods in the correct amounts if you expect to gain size. You cannot build muscle without protein. However, you cannot neglect your overall nutritional balance.
  5. Sleep – Your muscles actually grow during the rest phase. So that means you need to rest. Anywhere from 7 to 9 hours is good. Additionally people who don’t sleep enough don’t workout with the same level of intensity as those who get a full nights rest.
  6. Sugar Intake – Sugar is the devil we know when it comes to your body and diet. Aside from screwing up your glucose levels it can affect your amino acid intake and mess with your energy level for workouts. It needs to be limited and removed if possible or your gains will suffer.
  7. Water – Unless you live in a desert water should be readily available. If you do live in a desert maybe working out isn’t the smartest thing to do. Make sure you get the daily requirement of 8 to 10 glasses spread out during the day.
  8. Steroids – People still think they are a good idea but they can really mess up your body.
  9. Warm-Up – Don’t skip the warm-up phase of your workout because warm muscles can worker harder than cold ones. That added blood flow not only helps prevent injuries but it also generates growth.
  10. Stretching – Post workout stretching is an important key to growth. It helps with the recovery phase and can also stretch the fascia tissue that covers muscles allowing them to grow more.

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