Weight Loss

10 Simple Ways to Boost Your Metabolism

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Here is an interesting point about weight loss; you can make your body burn more metabolismcalories all day, every day if you simply speed up your metabolism. That is not to say you shouldn’t still do cardio to burn calories, but when you really think about it from a logical standpoint increasing your body’s metabolism should be a higher concern if you want to have a leaner body.

You base metabolic rate occurs about 60 to 70 percent of the day while you do most things. The higher that rate it, the more calories you will burn over that period of time, which includes sleeping. Exercising and eating metabolism make up the other 30 or so percent of the day. So if you can figure out ways to boost that base metabolism, even just a little bit, that can mean burning an extra 50 to 200 calories each day just by doing all the stuff you normally do! Those types of numbers can really add up over each week and help you reach that goal of ripped and lean.

10 Metabolism Boosters

  1. Eat More Protein – This is number one with a bullet. Your body needs protein for lean muscle; lean muscle burns more calories than fat. Everyone needs at least .8 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight. Along with helping maintain and increase lean muscle mass, protein keeps the post meal calorie burn at a higher rate that with other foods.
  2. Get Up – When you sit or lie down for long periods of time your body tends to shut down a bit, including a near shutdown of an enzyme that controls fat metabolism. So combat this by taking a few minutes every hour to get up and move around. Stand for phone calls, walk to the drinking fountain, etc.
  3. Don’t Diet – People restrict their calorie counts far too much. Instead you need to eat more, but with better foods. Protein, vegetables, fruits, and other nutrient-dense foods need to be eaten regularly. This provides a steady stream of good energy and keeps the body digesting. Conversely, cutting back makes you body hold on to energy and reduce the metabolic rate.
  4. Ice Water – Drink more ice water, especially during workouts. If you take in 6 cups of the cold liquid a day your base metabolism will increase by about 50 calories per day to warm the water up.
  5. Drink Coffee or Tea – A regular caffeine jolt can kick your metabolism up by a whopping 5 percent or more! Coffee is on the low end while some teas can push your metabolism up as much as 10 percent in a day. Make sure to limit sugar and other sweeteners to maintain the maximum benefit.
  6. Add Fiber – Eating more fiber equals adding less weight. That is because you burn more calories digesting it. Ideally you want about 25 grams a day. More than that will have you spending too much time sitting around in the bathroom.
  7. Go Spicy – Red and green chilies have capsaicin which can fire up your metabolism as well as your mouth. They will give you short spikes to the caloric burn so sprinkle flakes on meals for some added kick.
  8. Stay Hydrated – People who are dehydrated burn 2 percent fewer calories than a fully hydrated person. That means drink lots of water throughout the day.
  9. Vitamin D Boost – This is a critical vitamin that many people are short on. It helps preserve your muscle tissue. Along with a vitamin you can find it in milk, eggs, and tuna.
  10. Go Iron – Iron rich foods are important to supply your body with a steady supply of this mineral that is crucial to the fat burning process. So keep your metabolism boosted with spinach and other dark, leafy vegetables or lean meats and beans.

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