Blowing up Fitness Myths

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A myth is usually defined as a traditional or legendary story. Often there is some level fitness mythstruth in the story, but also quite bit of fabrication. Over the years many myths have developed in the fitness industry regarding nutrition and ways to build muscle. A lot of this happened because ‘that totally worked for that guy’ or ‘I tried it and it never worked’ was told about some information or technique.

Of course that is not exactly a scientific study. As more investigation goes into the fitness industry to help improve athletic performance along with the ability to improve our bodies, many of these myths are being disproved. Of course they are still out there, but that is why we have articles like these to help inform people about what is just a legendary story.

The Top 10 Fitness Myths

  1. Full body workouts aren’t as effective as a training split – Any training program can be effective. Many times it depends on a person’s specific goals as to what works better. There are many full body routines that are superior to a split routine based on what you are trying to accomplish.
  2. Eating fat will make you fat – Everyone needs fat to support things like hair, nails, and bodily processes. Now some kinds of fat are much worse than others, but taking in 10 to 20% of your daily as good fats is perfectly healthy and will not make you fat.
  3. More sets always equal bigger muscles – Volume training can serve a purpose such as working with muscle endurance. However plenty of people can and will gain using fewer sets when done properly with maximum intensity. Endless sets can lead to overtraining which nobody ever wants.
  4. You need to do flat bench presses to build a big chest – While the flat bench press is a great exercise; there are many others that can work the chest just as well. In fact, for some people other exercises will work better based on their structure such as dumbbell presses or dips.
  5. Creatine is bad for you – This also goes with Creatine being labeled a steroid or it will destroy your kidneys. Creatine has been researched to an extreme level over the last 10 years and has been proven to be safe and extremely effective which is why so many bodybuilders and athletes use it as a supplement. For most people it is a Top 3 Must Take supplement.
  6. All protein is equal – No, protein has various levels of ‘potency’ if you will, based in a biological value rating system that incorporates how easily it is digested and used by the body. Whey protein powder is the best form you can take. From there foods scale down in value. Eggs for example are much better as a source than beans even though both have protein.
  7. There is a perfect workout routine – There is no magic bullet. There are a lot of great routines out there but two people will not get the exact same results from the same program. Genetically we are all slightly different. On top of that most of us have different goals and are in different phases of training. Last but not least our lives outside the gym play into it as well. How could one routine cover all of those variables?
  8. There is one perfect diet – Just like the perfect workout, this is false. Again each person’s specific goals combined with so many other factors such as training, time, lifestyle, and more means there is no single diet that is perfect for everyone; we are all different.
  9. People who work at a gym are very knowledgeable – Most likely people who work at a gym do know some things. A lot of gyms have personal trainers on staff, but they can vary in levels of knowledge and experience. The bottom line is that you need to not blindly follow any information without checking the source.
  10. You don’t need supplements – This is a yes and no answer. You don’t need them, but you should take them. Supplements are extremely effective these days. Combined with a good diet and solid training routine, supplements will make your reach your goals much faster.

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