Easy Nutrition Tips

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Everyone knows that following a good nutrition program is hard. But it is a vital part of Nutrition Tipsany successful weight loss or toning up program. But are there things you can do to make it easier? Of course! We have a bevy of ideas and tips you can incorporate in your daily and weekly routine to help make your journey a little easier.

  1. Here are some tips for the road that lies ahead:
  2. Aim to purchase ‘no salt’ items whenever possible
  3. Use lean protein options such as extra lean ground turkey, tuna fish, chicken, and egg beaters
  4. Keep a food an activity journal in the kitchen to record what you eat (helps prevent cheating)
  5. Use spices like garlic and paprika or pepper. Do not use spices that are made with salt of any type
  6. Breads and grains should be whole wheat and ‘no salt’ varieties
  7. Always have a bottle or glass of ice water at hands so you get your water intake
  8. Never shop for food when you are hungry
  9. Don’t keep food in the house that you shouldn’t eat (even if it’s on sale!)
  10. Skip fast food and instant meals
  11. Avoid foods with excess fat, sugar, and salt
  12. Learn to measure portions
  13. Make a recipe list with quick and simple options for dinner
  14. Eat small meals regularly to speed up your metabolism and avoid hunger
  15. Skip to low fat, fat free, or skim options for dairy products
  16. Allow yourself one small treat per day
  17. Drink a glass of water before your meal
  18. No snacks or food after 8pm
  19. Eat food at the table
  20. Eat more fiber
  21. Remove sugary drinks from your normal routine
  22. Find a healthy snack you love

Those 22 tips are rather basic and simple, but your diet should end up that way as well. Over the years most of us develop certain habits that negatively affect our regular routine. We shop when hungry and then buy food we shouldn’t. But since we paid for it then we feel obligated not to waste it. Or we don’t have a go-to list for healthy foods that are quick to make so we order a pizza for the family and eat it on the couch in front of the TV.

All of those habits are now detrimental to your personal diet goal. So to overcome them you need to follow new tips and establish a different set of habits that coincide with how you want to live. It will take a while to get the hang of it, but if you check the list periodically and keep at it, soon enough those bad habits will change to good habits and the diet will be easy to stick to.

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