Fitness Tips and Tricks

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There is always room for more fitness tips and tricks in your arsenal of information. Fitness Tips and TricksKnowledge truly is power and any little nugget of information that can help you along the journey of health and fitness pays dividends multiple times over. So we have compiled some more tips to add to your knowledge base and help make that journey just a little bit easier.

Tips and Tricks

  1. Buy Shoes that Fit – If you run, walk, or do any serious amount of cardio then you spend a lot of time on your feet. Don’t buy cheap shoes. A good pair of shoes that fit well means better performance and less pain to your dogs. Try on shoes on in the afternoon or evening (because feet swell) and wear your athletic socks. Make sure you have slight wiggle room for the toes and sides of your feet as well as good support.
  2. Train the Weakest Link First – It is weak so it obviously needs more attention. Far too many people train favorites first and then things they dislike last when their energy and motivation is at its lowest. Switch things up and put that focus and energy into fixing your problem areas.
  3. Get Older, Stretch Longer – As you get older your muscles naturally become less pliable. So to combat that after you turn 40 stretch muscles for 60 seconds each to help increase flexibility. If you are over 30 then you can go 30 seconds.
  4. Balance Improvement – This can be done easily at home at helps in all aspects of athletics and coordination. Stand on one foot on a pillow or couch cushion. Take a ball, medicine ball, or some other large object that you can handle and practice handing it back and forth behind your back and behind your head. Then try it with your eyes closed.
  5. Try Reverse Lunges – Step back instead of stepping forward. Many people find these easier on the knees and they also keep constant tension on the thighs.
  6. Work Abs First – This is the one body part everybody wants to look good. Always do it first in your workout unless you could wash laundry on your midsection.
  7. Burnout Check – When you first wake up immediately check your pulse rate. If you find that your heart rate is 10 beats or more over normal per minute then your body is overtrained and you need some rest.
  8. Improve Your Grip – At the end of your bicep/forearm workout grab a 45 pound plate in each hand and just hold it for as long as you can. The odd shape will really work your gripping muscles. This will play over into how long you can hold a barbell for things like deadlifts and rows as well as when you do chin-ups.
  9. Go Single – For variety try certain exercises with one arm at a time like dumbbell presses. It will work on you balance, coordination, and muscle control as well as concentration and focus.
  10. Don’t Overdo Abs – Some people try and workout abs like it is cardio. They are just muscles. Work them out twice to three times a week maximum like you would any other muscle.

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