Lower Ab Workout For Men

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The pursuit of the six-pack is a fairly normal goal for a lot of people who workout. But, the abdominals are actually an eight-pack, not six. Typically most people focus on the top six Lower Ab Workout For Menmuscles because the lower abs are much longer, going from the belly button to the pelvis and don’t show themselves easily. However, if you truly want to develop a flat stomach then you need to focus on working the lower abs just as hard as the middle and upper abdominals.

Learning how to get lower abs isn’t overly difficult. Primarily it is a shift of a few exercises that target the muscles that need to be added to a routine for complete abdominal and trunk work. As the lower abdominal area is often a ‘deposit’ spot for fat, people are less inclined to put as much effort on what they can’t see. But toned lower abs will help flatten the stomach even with a layer of fat on top.

Let’s look at some of the best exercises you should be using if you really want to understand how to get lower abs:

The Top 3 Lower Ab Burners

  • Incline Reverse Sit-Ups – This is a great burner. Lie on a decline bench with your head at the top and grab the supports with your hands. Bend your knees slightly and then lift your legs together until they are straight up, then contract the abs harder to curl the hips off the pad and get your knees to your forehead.
  • Hanging Leg Raises – This is similar to the above exercise except you are in a vertical position using either an abdominal chair or hanging from straps or a bar. The key is to use the abs to bring the legs up and not swing or use any momentum. Keeps the knees slightly bent and exhale as you bring the legs up for a tighter contraction. Another key is to lower and resist dropping the legs on the way down. This will put a lot of tension on the lower abdominals.
  • Corkscrew Circles – Lie flat on your back with your arms out and palms down for support. Raise your legs straight in the air. With feet together slowly swing your feet in a circle going clockwise. As you do a single rotation, make the circle bigger each time until you reach an angle of about 45 degrees. Then stop and reverse the motion making smaller circles as you wind back up. Once at the top start again but going counter clockwise first.

While some people might say that the abdominal wall can be worked by any ab exercise, if you want to learn how to get lower abs part of the struggle is learning to focus on the lower section. The exercises listed above place more tension on the lower abdominals thus making it easier to activate and target them compared to motions that involve more upper body crunching.

Try adding at least one of these exercises to your current abdominal training routine and you should quickly notice their effectiveness by how sire your midsection is the next day.

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