Eating Clean at Work

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The idea behind eating clean is following a basic idea and a few simple rules. Eating clean Eating Clean At Workisn’t a restrictive diet but instead should be considered a lifestyle. By following the basic rules and guidelines you can enjoy your food and your life rather than feeling trapped and constrained by many of the popular diet options.

Ironically most people have a pretty good idea of what they should be doing. Some rules are fairly obvious such as avoiding processed and nutrition empty foods. Other things become more of a ‘feel’ aspect such as how much you need to eat. When you switch to a lifestyle of eating clean you can fill up on fruits, vegetables, and protein as much as you want. This tends to curb the problem of overeating empty calories which then turn into fat.

One area lots of people have a problem with eating clean is when they are at work. So with that in mind we have a few rules and ideas that you should strive to employ to follow a relatively healthy eating style without worrying about all the complex specifics of a diet.

Seven Keys Going Clean at Work

  1. Preparation is the Key – The biggest problem many people have eating clean at work is with a hectic morning schedule. Usually preparing a healthy lunch is the last thing you do on the way out the door. So when you are running late that means it gets skipped and you are left to fend for yourself based on nearby eating options. How can you avoid this? Simply prepare most of your lunch at night. Shop ahead of time for basic staples so you have easy to pack items like cottage cheese, fruit, and vegetable sticks available. Then it is a matter of tossing them in a bag. Leftovers also make great lunches and can be packed in a container the night before.
  2. Bring Snacks – Over the weekend make sure to shop for great snack items to have on hand. These are a key to avoid hunger pain and binging on junk. Things like beef jerky, raisins, almonds, trail mix, granola bars, grapes, cheese sticks, and carrot sticks make great mid-morning and afternoon mucnhers. If you can, bring a few days worth of options and store them at your desk in a travel lunch case.
  3. Eating Schedule – Don’t wait for hunger to hit. Instead pick a time halfway between breakfast and lunch to have a snack from your healthy options above. Do the same thing for the afternoon. Often when you are experiencing hunger pains many bad foods sound good. So instead launch a pre-emptive strike to fill up and give yourself good energy to work through the day.
  4. Water Intake – Drink multiple cups of water during the day. It will keep you hydrated and more alert. Even if you drink coffee, make sure to down a cup of water right after that first cup of Joe.
  5. Use Breaks – When you have your break don’t walk to a vending machine or the coffee place. Instead get up and walk around outside. Fresh air and sunshine have a huge effect on your mood and sense of well-being. That in turn has roots in why you want to eat bad food when you feel down.
  6. Cheat Day – Usually once a week people go to lunch together or there might be a business meeting. That is fine. Just follow the general clean eating ideas when you go out to eat. This isn’t a restrictive diet that stops you from hitting up a Friday lunch spot for fun.
  7. Dealing with Junk – It is inevitable that people bring snacks, cookies, donuts, and all sorts of junk to work. If you are following all the other rules then you might be immune to their pull. If not, try having gum in your desk. Chewing a stick will keep your mouth busy and give you a little jolt of sugar rather than eating a huge glob of it.

There you have it; some simple and easy ideas you can use to eat clean at work. This stuff is more common sense than rocket science, but sometimes people forget about the common sense stuff and seem to think drastic measures are the only way you can change your eating habits. Of course those drastic changes never last while eating clean easily can.

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