What is creatine and what does it do?

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Do you need Creatine supplements? In a word…no. Nobody really “needs” supplements. A need is something more like Creatineair, water, or food. There are certain things we need for survival. Now is Creatine a useful supplement? Yes it is. Do numerous athletes and bodybuilders use it? Yes they do. Can you still make gains without it? Yes you can.

However, even if you don’t need it, you should still want to have it as part of your supplementation program…let me tell you why.

Why You Want Creatine

Let’s just swap those words “need” and “want” real quick so we can get to the discussion of why you should want to use Creatine supplements.

Okay, now let’s look at the big picture; what is the reason you consider using supplements? Most likely it is because you are training for something such as bodybuilding, athletics, or something in between. Hopefully you are working out hard in the gym and eating a well-balanced diet that is geared towards your goal. Is that enough?

In a nutshell, yes it is. You will make progress towards your goal. So why do you add in supplements? Simply put it is to increase your gains and speed up the timetable to reach your goal.

The thing about Creatine is that it works; it works very well.

What Creatine Does

Creatine supplements help ensure that you have a full supply of Creatine in your body. Creatine is produced naturally. However during serious exercise it is usually completely used up and it can take up to a week to naturally restore the supply. While that is nice, most of us work out hard more than once a week.

  • Energy Supplier – Within the cells of your body, Creatine is able to supply quick energy to the body when the amount needed exceeds what glucose can provide.
  • Increase Power – It has been shown that people using Creatine show an increase in strength levels.
  • Increase Lean Mass – Not only do your muscles retain more water within the cells making them appear larger, but Creatine can also help increase muscle protein synthesis to increase the lean muscle mass.

All of those things are certainly beneficial to anyone who is looking to increase muscle size and athletic performance.

The Bottom Line

Really using Creatine supplements gets down to simple logic. Consider the number of hours you spend at the gym. Add to that the time spent on your diet. Plus don’t forget rest time along with planning and shopping. Consider the money you spend all together on these things to go with the time all to meet your personal fitness and health goal.

Now what if you could reach that goal ten percent faster or increase your gains each week and each month by ten percent. Who wouldn’t want to do that? Now in some cases people feel there is a trade-off and get worried about side effects, much like if you were to use steroids. In this case the only trade off is money spent on Creatine, which is a very reasonably priced supplement.

This is a naturally occurring compound in the body. There has been a lot of time spent studying Creatine and its effects. The biggest concern is dehydration and cramping with some people. That is not much of a concern as ideally you need a lot of water each day. Creatine supplements certainly aren’t a need in life; but if you have any fitness or health goals then it should most certainly top your list of wants if you would like to reach your goal faster.

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