How do you find bodybuilding motivation?

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Motivation is an interesting concept. It is something that sets people apart and can be the difference between being average and being



great. Some people are natural motivators. They can get people to do and accomplish so much. Most of us, unfortunately, are only average motivators, which means it can be difficult for us to get fired up and stay fired up.

So how can you keep that fire constantly lit and keep your bodybuilding motivation level high at all times? Keep reading and we will give you some great ideas you can start using right now!

The Zen of Motivation

Bodybuilding motivation needs to be looked at from a few different aspects. Most people start down the path because of the passion and drive they have to change their body and achieve a certain look. That process is not quick one; it does take time.

So they first thing you need to accept is that your achievements will be measured in increments. Looking at that big goal or target way down the road makes it easier to get burned out in the day-to-day grind. You need to mark your progress regularly and celebrate the small gains. Make smaller milestone goals along the path of the big goal such as weight increases on primary lifts, gaining of a single pound, etc.

Next you need to practice being motivated. That might sound corny but being motivated, much like being positive, is a skill that can be trained. You need to focus on it and work at it each day to make it improve. That means surrounding yourself with things that inspire you and reflect your goals.

Another good step in keeping your bodybuilding motivation high is to get more rest. Oddly enough people always try and do more and push themselves harder, but your body and especially your mind need to recharge. A good night’s sleep, or consecutive nights of rest can relax and recharge you in many ways. Even short vacations from the gym itself can help restore motivation.

Finally you have to never give up; ever. Dreams are meant to be achieved. Some things in life might hold you back or hold you down, but if you never give up or never quit then you will get there. As long as that is your mindset, even when unmotivated, you will reach that goal.

Tips to Practice Motivation

Ideally you want to be able to immerse yourself within your passion. Certain things get people fired up and when that natural motivation is lacking you need to find ways to get the fire stoked. For bodybuilding motivation here are some very specific methods that have worked for countless people.

  • Music – Use a workout mix. If you have one, then change it. Play music at home that gets you fired up. Who cares if it is the theme from Rocky or Rage Against the Machine. If it gets your juices flowing then turn it on, turn it up, and get going!
  • Motivational slogans – Find slogans and quotes from people you admire and idolize. Print them out or write them down and put them all over where you can see them when you need them. Repeating these positive affirmations train your mind to stay that way.
  • Training partners – Having a training partner or coach can help keep you motivated because enthusiasm can be contagious. One reason a lot of people train together is support.
  • Watching videos – This can be training videos or just inspiring movies. How can you not get fired up watching the training montage from Rocky III or watching Arnold and Lou during Pumping Iron?
  • Reading – Go to the various bodybuilding forums and read about training. Don’t look for things to get you motivated, just read articles and ideas about training itself. Grab a new issue of Ironman or pickup a new training book and read about new methods and ideas to stoke that fire.

Bodybuilding motivation is a lot like any other kind of motivation; you need to work at it. As many people realize, bodybuilding is a lifestyle and you will be working on yourself for a long time. Learning how to keep that drive going all the time will be invaluable in the long run so why not start practicing now.

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