What is Biotin Used For?

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Biotin is part of the B vitamin family. It commonly goes by the name B7. For those who aren’t aware, B vitamins are often combined inWhat Is Biotin Used For a complex that is made up of 8 parts and Biotin is one of those parts. Generally speaking the B vitamins are important for overall body health because they are used for skin, nerves, hair, and liver functions.

So what exactly is biotin and do you need a lot of it?

Biotin under the Microscope

Biotin is needed for cell growth and the metabolism of fats and amino acids. From the standpoint of health and fitness, you really need it in your system if you are looking to grow those muscles. There have been studies about how and if biotin assists with maintaining a stable blood sugar level but nothing concrete has been proven yet. By the same token it is hyped as product to help with hair and nail strength but studies have been inconclusive in proving if it actually does strengthen them or not.

Where it is Found?

For the most part you can expect that you have an adequate about of biotin in your system because it is produced internally after being absorbed from food like eggs, peanuts, milk, meat, fish, whole grains, and beans. Unless your diet is bereft of those items than you should naturally have a good supply.


Generally speaking most vitamins should be taken as part of a well balanced diet. What vitamin B7 does for the body is essential enough to ensure that you have your normal supply. As it is important in energy production and metabolism as well as possibly playing a role in glucose regulation you definitely would not want to be deficient in it. However because of the range of foods you can find it in, deficiency in biotin is rare in adults unless you only eat packaged foods.

While there are plenty of things that it is claimed to help with, such as helping with depression, as a sleep aid, aiding muscle pain, and helping with nausea, that is only because those can be symptoms of deficiency.

The Bottom Line

It is good to understand what all of the vitamins and minerals are all about which is why we answered the question of ‘What is Biotin Used For’ today. However unless you are suffering from a deficiency this is one supplement you can cross off your list to buy because you should have enough from your balanced diet and taking in extra has no noticeable benefits.

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