What are the whey protein benefits for bodybuilding?

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If you are a bodybuilder then you need to take in a lot of protein each day. But not all types of protein are created equally. Some are better than others. Today we will take some time to find out what the whey protein benefits are specifically for bodybuilders as well as similar types of athletes.

What is Whey Protein?whey protein benefits for bodybuilding

Technically speaking whey protein is a milk by-product. There are two types of protein in milk; casein and whey. When milk undergoes the transformation to cheese the whey protein is a by-product. Because of this there are no foods that naturally include this source of protein in them.

From a production standpoint people either make whey protein concentrate or isolate. Concentrate is the most common form found in protein powders because it is cheaper to produce but also contains fat. Isolate is a purer form that has no fat, few carbs, and literally no lactose. Then there are also products that mix the two types for an even blend.

Whey Protein Benefits

Perfect Amino Acid Profile – The biggest reason virtually every serious bodybuilder uses a whey product is because it does have a perfect amino acid profile for muscle building and recovery. It is a manufactured product, but unlike many naturally occurring products that react better with our bodies, whey protein beats out any other protein source for helping your body grow and get stronger after a workout.

Fast Absorption – You can blend whey protein with milk or water and then drink it in liquid form. It is then quickly absorbed into the bloodstream to provide a much faster response to the body’s need for nutrients post-workout. With only a small window for a protein boost after a workout, the absorption rate is why a post-workout shake is so highly touted for recovery and growth.

Antioxidants – Regular use of why protein helps provide a boost to the immune system because it acts as an antioxidant. Every little bit helps when you are trying to avoid getting sick.

Whey vs. Other Proteins

Scientists’ rate protein based on a scale called the Biological Value or BV for short. An egg is usually rated at 100 on the scale (or between 90 and 100) while beef is typically in the 70 to 75 range depending on type. But, this is another of the main benefits; whey protein can rate as high as 160 depending on concentration level. Usually even the lower quality whey products are better than the highest naturally occurring BV foods.


Whey protein is by far the best source of protein anyone can utilize from bodybuilders to a person trying to get in better shape. Most anyone that is serious about their health should give the product a try, even vegans. The whey protein benefits are the best you could expect from a supplement. Heck, you can even use the powder when making muffins, pancakes, or energy bars for an added protein kick. The cost is rather reasonable compared to the benefits you get from it and it is incredibly easy to utilize.

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