Foods to Eat for Better Sex

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Can what you have for dinner play directly into what happens in the bedroom? If you are a guy then most definitely there are some correlations between certain foods and sexual performance. Did that grab your attention? I thought it would.

Food and the Male Libido

Certain foods are packed with more nutrients that assist the body in ways that your sex drive will like such as increasing blood flow. A number one cause of erectile dysfunction in men has to do with reduced blood flow to the penis. Fixing that problem naturally without any prescribed drugs is always the best way to go.

Plus, these food choices are healthy and help with weight loss and staying lean. The better you look means the better you will feel. Hopefully that will help with your confidence and excitement about sex; which of course you will be ready for after eating these foods to promote your libido!

  • Spinach and the Greens – Spinach is a super food for a lot of reasons. It foods for better sexhas a lot of fiber and fills you up with B vitamin folate which is a mood booster along with helping in weight loss. Folate combines with magnesium to help clear blood vessels clear and flowing smoothly.
  • Green Tea – This is a great drink but make sure you go unsweetened. Naturally green tea has catechin which is an antioxidant that promotes blood flow and helps with brain functions (because of blood flow in the brain). Additionally you want to avoid sugars because too much actually makes you produce less endorphins; which is ironic because those make you feel good (and help with sex).
  • Watermelon – This fruit is full of citrulline which is converted in your body to arginine. Arginine helps relax blood vessels much like Viagra does. Those relaxed blood vessels can then help increase blood flow and erections.
  • Steak and Red Wine – Ah the perfect dinner! Steak is full of zinc. Zinc helps combat the production of prolactin (which at high levels causes sexual dysfunction). Zinc literally flies out of your system every time you ejaculate so make sure your tank is always topped off. Red wine triggers more nitric oxide in the blood which helps artery walls relax and increases blood flow from the antioxidants in the wine. It is also the best kind of alcohol to make her feel frisky.
  • Celery – Yeah you would have never guessed this one. It helps freshen breath, reduces stress, and lower blood pressure. Also when you chew it a signal is sent to your body to become more aroused which then helps output pheromones. Who would have thought?
  • Tuna – Good ole tuna helps increase dopamine levels in the brain which in turn triggers arousal.
  • Asparagus – The shoots are full of B vitamins which can increase histamine which in turn helps us reach orgasm more easily. Also the crown has been shown to combat ED and boost arousal because of the levels of protodioscin contained in them.

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