What is a Good Pre-Workout Supplement for Beginners?

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Beginners often have it a bit rough when it comes to fitness. There is fairly large learning curve because the human body is a fairly complex thing. Aside from basics that cover exercises and training programs you also have diet and supplementation. It can be a lot to take in and remember.

But, if there is one thing you should remember it is to always take supplements before and after your workouts to maximize the effectiveness. With that in mind there are a few things beginners should know to understand what a good pre-workout supplement is and why they are necessary.

Pre-Workout Basics

The reason for a pre-workout supplement is to ensure that your body has proper levels of what it needs to get the most out of a workout. That means energy, blood flow and oxygen delivery, along with nutrients your body uses during the workout. On top of that, it helps to have building blocks in place for the recovery phase so that your body doesn’t have to break down things like muscle tissue if it needs something; instead it is already there.

So, what is a good pre-workout supplement to take? You are looking for something that:

  • Provides Energy
  • Gives Mental Alertness
  • Helps with Muscle Power
  • Helps with Muscle Strength
  • Increases overall Performance
  • Aids Stamina
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Prevents Lactic Acid Buildup
  • Provides a Good Pump
  • Helps with Fat Burning

Obviously it can be difficult to find a single product that does all of these things, especially if you are on a budget. But there are a few great pre-workout supplements to consider.

Creatine is by far one of the most popular and potent supplements especially for beginners. It can easily maximize size and strength in a short amount of time. The product is natural and occurs within the body. One of the reasons you use it as a supplement is because it gets used up quickly during workouts helping transfer energy and helping with muscle contractions. Taking Creatine before a workout means you can use the most amount of weight for maximum reps for each set you do which in turns leads to maximum strength gains.

Additionally Creatine helps with water absorption in the cells of the muscle which creates larger, fuller muscles.

So what to take?

Ideally you want something with Creatine in it. On top of that any other benefits should be considered gravy. There are a bunch of great pre-workout supplements that include multiple compounds to help make your workouts better, but the ones with Creatine in it should be top on the list.

  • Cellucor C4 Extreme – This is a top selling supplement that includes Creatine nitrate, vitamins, an energy blend, and a few other key nutrients. One of the big extras in this product is the nitric oxide boost to help with muscle pump and energy levels.
  • MusclePharm Assault – This is another top rated and top selling supplement that includes Creatine, vitamins, energy complex, amino acids, muscle hydration, and an anti-fatigue blend to provide everything your body needs for a great workout. This compound helps keep energy high and endurance strong during the workout as well as after so there is no sudden drop off.

These by far are the top two selling and rated products that all beginning bodybuilders need to look at. At this phase of your training the price point will be more important compared to other benefits of one product over the other. The practical reason is that at such a lower stage of development, some of the more advanced bonuses of each product will be less utilized or noticeable by a beginning lifter.

But the bottom line is that taking either of those two products are great options as a pre-workout supplement for the beginner.

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