What are some easy ways to get BCAA and Glutamine?

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Hopefully you are reading this having already gone over some of our other articles on the benefits BCAA Glutamineof BCAA and Glutamine, two of the best supplements you can take to help with physical development and recovery. So with that in mind we will dispense with going over the numerous advantages of BCAA and Glutamine and move on to ways you can get them into your system for your body to use.

Supplementation is a Routine

Using supplements should be considered part of a regular routine. That is not to say that you need to be following a rigid schedule with no variation (because that would get old fast), but you should have a general plan that relates to your body’s needs. Taking something “in the morning” is general versus at “exactly 8 a.m. everyday.”

Look at using supplements much like an eating schedule; you need to get the fuel in the tank at the right time if you want to be able to drive where you want to go.

In the case of BCAA and Glutamine they have different times you want to take them for ideal results. You want to ingest BCAA’s before your workout and after. For Glutamine you can take in more often so before a workout is good along with in the morning and in the evening for a continual supply to the body.

Easy Ways to Get Them

You actually don’t need to buy a ton of supplements these days to get everything you want. Luckily with supplements like BCAA and Glutamine they are included with other supplementation options which is awesome because it cuts down on pills you need to take and shelf space.

  • First let’s look at MusclePharm Assault. This is a really great pre-workout drink that lots of people use to give themselves energy and nutrients to power through your workouts. Assault comes with vitamins, Creatine, L-Arginine, L-Glutamine, and a BCAA mix along with some other great nutrients for a workout. That means you just mix a simple scoop of powder with water and drink it about 40 minutes before you hit the gym. Could it get any easier?
  • Another great combination of both can be found in higher end multivitamins like Opti-Men by Optimum Nutrition. Along with being a top end source for vitamins they also include a blend of aminos that provide you with BCAA and Glutamine. Taking these every day before (or with) lunch ensures a mid-day boost.
  • Finally we have 100% Gold Standard Whey which is pretty much the best whey product on the market. High end whey protein products in liquid form digest very quickly and absorb into the bloodstream. Then the nutrients are extracted by the body giving it the amino acids it needs. A whey protein shake is a great way to start the day along with near the end of the evening and ensures you have a full bevy of protein for all of your body’s function.

So there you have it, three simple ways to ensure you are getting BCAA and Glutamine into your system throughout the day when your body needs it.

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