What is the Top Pre-Workout Supplement?

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As more is learned about the science of the body in relation to working out it has become very apparent that pre-workout supplementation is absolutely critical to obtaining maximum results from a workout. While many people involved in fitness and bodybuilding know that having a good pre-workout meal is important, having specific nutrients in your body that you can’t obtain simply from food can push your gains into a completely different level.

Certain compounds help with blood flow, oxygen delivery, and energy levels while others are important to ensure the proper materials the body needs to start recovery or repair are available as soon as damage is done. It used to be that you just made sure to eat a few hours before you workout. Now if you want the best results you need to make sure you are getting supplements in your body about 90 minutes before the workout.

Why supplements? They are a more pure form that can be absorbed quickly without going through the same lengthy digestion process that food has to undertake. That means a more timely release into the body.

So now that we have established that we should be taking supplements before a workout, what is the top pre-workout supplement that you absolutely must have?

The Top 3 Pre-Workout Supplements

There are various opinions on what the top pre-workout supplement is. But, if you ask 10 trainers and bodybuilding supplementsserious lifters, 9 out of 10 of them will have one of these 3 as their top choice. Let’s review these choices and see why they are so important.

  • Cellucor C4 Extreme – This is a top selling supplement that includes Creatine nitrate, vitamins, an energy blend, and a few other key nutrients. One of the big extras in this product is the nitric oxide boost to help with muscle pump and energy levels.
  • MusclePharm Assault – This is another top rated and top selling supplement that includes Creatine, vitamins, energy complex, amino acids, muscle hydration, and an anti-fatigue blend to provide everything your body needs for a great workout. This compound helps keep energy high and endurance strong during the workout as well as after so there is no sudden drop off.
  • BSN N.O. Xplode 2.0 – Built to provide energy, endurance, strength, and resistance to muscular fatigue, this product has everything you need for an improved workout. Again you have many critical vitamins and minerals crucial to the body for workouts. Additionally there is a mix of amino acids like L-Arginine along with a proprietary blend of compounds to help with your pump, strength, and growth.

The main difference between these has to do with Creatine and NO boosters. Two out of the three have Creatine and some form of a Nitric Oxide boost along with other compounds. As each product has proprietary blends of multiple items it can be hard to pick and choose specific items to make one stand out.

The Bottom Line

So after looking at these top choices, which one is the top pre-workout supplement? If price and availability was not an issue the top choice would be the Cellucor product. Specifically for workouts, Creatine is absolutely critical to the process and you want to have a full tank before you hit the iron. On top of that, for a bodybuilder the pump is a key component of the workout and an NO boosting product assists with that.

So a single product that includes both of these components has to be at the top of the list if you are only going to take one pre-workout product. That is why it has to be considered the top pre-workout supplement.

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