Tips for Getting a Flat Stomach

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Who doesn’t want a flat stomach? Have you ever met anyone who doesn’t want a flatter one? Even people with eye-popping abs still look for ways to find improvement. Of course that explains why there are so many crazy infomercials on late at night touting various strange and wonderful looking abdominal exercises that amazingly allow you to work abs while sleeping, eating, and doing anything else accept exercising!tips for getting a flat stomach

Is there some crazy device that will instantly give you great abdominals and an uber flat stomach? Sadly no, the only thing you can do is apply some serious work. But, we have some nice ideas here that if applied can get you the results all of those commercials promise.

Tips for Flattening the Stomach

First understand that these tips are meant to be used to help burn fat, work the abdominals, and create a tight midsection. There is no magical bullet; just work that can be done to help you reach your goals.

  • Interval Training – Using short bursts of high intensity interval you can boost your metabolism over many hours. Ideally you mix and match short bursts of high intensity with bursts of medium intensity work. These HIIT style program can be done in as little as 15 minutes but then can benefit your metabolism for up to 24 hours. If you are able to fit one or two into a morning as part of your daily routine you can become a fat burning machine all day.
  • Even Out the Glucose – People ingest far too much sugar and eat infrequently. You should be feeding your body every few hours with healthy foods it needs and you want it to have. While it is important to restrict from over-eating, under-eating ends up being worse because the blood sugar levels spike up and down which confuses the body making it store more fat just in case. You want to create an efficient calorie burning machine which requires consistent input of good foods.
  • Use Proper Abdominal Training – Two to three times a week is more than enough work. The abdominals and trunk muscles are still muscles and shouldn’t be overtrained. You want to use a variety of exercises as well as repetition ranges just like you would for any other body part and work them very hard. You can’t just do one exercise over and over then expect great overall abdominal results. Core exercises, crunches, and a whole slew of things should be mixed in regularly for a complete workout that train every inch.
  • Be Consistent – Many people can reduce fat and train the abs to show two or even four parts of the six-pack. But, to truly get that last layer off for the ultimate flat stomach you have to be extremely consistent in all phases of diet, cardio, exercise, and rest.

Can you get a flat stomach? Of course! These tips are all fundamental keys that can help unlock the door to your potential. You just have to step up and use them!

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