What is the Best Creatine Supplement on the Market?

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When it comes to supplements it can be hard to choose between the wide variety of products on the market. supplementsFor example, the question of the best Creatine supplement is debated regularly on various bodybuilder forums. The reason is simple; if you are going to buy a product for performance, you want the best.

Of course the word “best” is open for debate. In the case of Creatine, what type of criteria are we looking at? Obviously you want results. Also included in the mix should be taste and add-ins such as if the Creatine is mixed with a weight gainer versus something like an NO2 booster. Now with a few more guidelines to work with for a rating system, what is the best Creatine Supplement?

Top Picks

This list includes a few of the top options on the market. Let’s compare them and then come to a final decision.

  • Assault by MusclePharm – This is part of a pre-workout mix. It has a lot of other extras included and has a mix of Creatine Monohydrate and Con-Cret Creatine HCL. It comes in quite a few flavors.
  • Con-Cret by ProMera Sports – This was rated as one of the top selling bodybuilding products in 2012 and for good reason. The primary ingredient is Creatine HCI and this system utilizes microdosing. This product does not require loading or cycling to be effective and is just straight Creatine with no fillers. It comes unflavored or has four flavor options.
  • C4 Extreme by Cellucor – This is a pre-workout formula that also includes an NO3 booster. Again, there are lots of flavor options. This product includes a mix of things and uses Creatine Nitrate. This is where Creatine has been fused with NO3 to allow better absorption.

All three of these products are top sellers. Out of the group two are pre-workout mixes and one is a straight Creatine formula meant to be used pre-workout. Assault actually uses Con-Cret’s Creatine blend within its formula which is interesting.

The Bottom Line

From a logical perspective the best Creatine supplement has to be the Con-Cret product. While all three options are top sellers, the Con-Cret product is the only pure Creatine product, which is the question that is posed. We are not asking, what is the best pre-workout mix? Additionally, two out of the three top selling products with the main ingredient of Creatine utilize a Con-Cret blend; that itself is rather overwhelming evidence of its superiority.

More than likely you will gain a solid benefit from using any of these three products before your workouts to keep your Creatine levels topped off. But if you are truly looking for the best Creatine supplement, look no further than the Con-Cret option. ProMera is well known within the industry for providing top-notch supplements and their Creatine supplement is no different.

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