What are Workout Supplement Stacks?

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In a nutshell workout supplement stacks are the key you need to go from making modest gains to making supplementsgreat gains in the gym. While some people like to say that you can get the same results from just eating well, the honest truth is that you can’t; at least not these days.

Supplements have just come too far in the past few years. They are engineered on a much higher level than in the past to better provide your body what it needs before, during, and after a workout to help maximize strength, endurance, energy, and muscle gains.

So what exactly are they?

Stack Basics

Usually when people talk about workout supplement stacks they mean one of two things; a single product that is a combination of supplements with a combination of benefits or a grouping of supplements that work in conjunction with each other to provide optimal results for your body.

  • Single Products – A lot of people use single products such as a pre or post-workout shake to provide energy and recovery. They are very popular and common as a starting point for the use of supplements. There are a wide range of products that fit into this group.
  • Group Products – These products are for the serious trainers who want to use supplements in all areas to help maximize their gains to the fullest. There are different types of groups based on desired results such as muscle gain, weight loss, for men, for women, and the like.

Group stacks can be all from the same company or mixed and matched based on person needs and preferences. Here is a quick sample stack geared for muscle building in men ages 20 to 40:

  • Whey Protein Powder – To supplement protein intake to ensure proper amounts are consumed each day.
  • Caesin Protein Powder – Slow digestion protein which is perfect before bed.
  • Pre-Training Mix – Provides energy, stamina, and strength boosters along with Creatine to ensure the best workout
  • Post-Workout Mix – Hydration mixed with amino acids to replenish the body and start on recovery.
  • Vitamins – Because you need all of your daily vitamins and minerals plus a little more.
  • Fish Oil – Along with general health, Omega-3 balance helps with joints and recovery.
  • Creatine – For additional Creatine outside of the pre-workout mix

As you can see a full group stack has a lot of components that complement each other and provide a slight amount of overlap to ensure your body has exactly what it needs at all hours of the day along with before and after training. Of the group, the pre-training and post-workout mixes are both single product stacks.

The Bottom Line

The life cycle of fitness usually starts with hitting the gym to change your body. Next people learn about the value of proper nutrition. The third step is the inclusion of supplements to increase the overall level of performance and results of those workouts.

Workout supplement stacks are a valuable piece of the puzzle when it comes to achieving maximum results because they now provide things that your body can use to maximize gains. You simply will not achieve the same results without them no matter how perfect your diet and workout. But when you add them to that perfect diet and workout, prepare to be amazed.

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