What are the Bodybuilding Supplements that Work?

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Are you having a problem deciding which bodybuilding supplements to use? Perhaps you are concerned How Much Protein do I Need for Bodybuilding?that the products themselves are simply over-hyped and well marketed scams to rid you of hard earned money while in return not providing anything near the expected results? Honestly you are not alone in those thoughts. It can be confusing trying to determine the bodybuilding supplements that work.

With all of the dishonesty within the sales industry it seems like people are constantly trying to sell “snake oil” and take advantage of gullible people. As such when you see and ad for a product that promises to transform your body of course you will be leery. With all that being said, there are quite a few very good bodybuilding supplements that work very well on the market. If you are serious about maximizing your time in the gym to produce optimal results then these are products you should be taking.

Top 5 Supplements that Work

  1. Multi-vitamins – This is not the type of supplement you see pushed with flashy ads or marketing programs, but it is one of the most essential supplements you should be taking. Even with a well-balanced diet, a multi-vitamin adds a bit more to help keep you healthy, increase energy levels, and assist with recovery. In general you want to avoid lower grade options to ensure maximum potency.
  2. Whey Protein Powder – This is a great example of bodybuilding supplements that work. Whey protein is manufactured powder that provides an optimum source of protein for your body. It has a very high biological value because it is engineered to be 100% utilized. While not a replacement for natural sources of protein, it is an incredible supplement to make meeting your protein needs each day much simpler.
  3. Creatine – Many people like to say that Creatine really turned the supplement industry into the juggernaut that it is. From a basic standpoint, you are taking a supplement to replenish something within your body that naturally occurs. Creatine helps the body accomplish more work over a short period of time. By replenishing the supply daily, which would otherwise take multiple days, you are able to make greater gains.
  4. BCAA’s – The body utilizes branch-chained amino acids in numerous processes such as repairing muscles after workouts. But, if not enough of a nutrient is available the body will also break down muscle tissue to get what it needs. Taking a BCAA supplement just ensures that your tank is always topped off which results in a fast recovery, more growth, and less breakdown.
  5. EFA’s – EFA stands for essential fatty acids and it is one of the bodybuilding supplements that work for anyone really. Flaxseed oil and fish oils comprise this category to help give your body the needed “good fats” many people don’t get enough of. We need good fats for brain functions, reducing inflammation, and other ways that help training along with leading a healthy life.

There are other bodybuilding supplements that work out there, but by far these five should be considered safe staples and also a great introduction to a supplementation program. The idea behind supplements is to be an addition to a well-balanced diet and good training regime. They then add to what you are already doing to give you greater results from the effort you are putting in thus making you more efficient. While there still are snake oil salesmen out there, there are also lots of great supplements that make transforming your body take less time.

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