The Top Weight Training Routines for Fitness

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When looking at weight training routines for fitness there can be a bit of confusion as what is the best option or Top Training Routinesoptions. That is primarily because if the complex nature of fitness. Ideally you would hope that there would be a single program that would give you a perfect level of fitness, but that then begs the question of perfect for who?

One of the biggest issues when deciding on programs and whether you consider them to be a top choice or option has to do with the actual goals of the person who will use them. Fitness itself has a pretty broad definition, at least in how it is used in the mainstream. For some people fitness relates to building an aesthetically pleasing body. For others it involves reaching certain levels of measurable marks like running a six-minute mile. Then there are those people who want a mix of something in-between that allows them to look good and also be physically ready to excel in numerous athletic endeavors.

Sadly there isn’t just one routine that does all of that. However we can talk about a few weight training routines and point out which would be best for to help reach a particular goal.

Top Weight Training Routines

These are all fantastic weight training routines, but each one is slightly different and focuses primarily on one fitness goal. It should be noted that all of these routines will help in a wide variety of fitness areas.

  • Kettlebell Training – This is a more recent addition to training methods and has recently seen increased popularity with athletes. The general idea is that you perform weight workouts using a kettlebell which is a weight ball with a handle on it. The shape and handle allow for different motions in some cases compared to dumbbells or a barbell. The workouts tend to focus on agility and explosive movements that easily relate to athletics. You can build muscle and increase endurance along with burning calories.
  • 5 x 5 Training – This is more of an old school training method designed around building muscle size and strength. The basic concept is to do 5 sets of 5 reps of an exercise. For each set you increase the weight. Then on the next workout you increase the weight used on each set by the same amount. Most people who use 5 x 5 training stick to big compound lifts like squats, deadlifts, cleans, rows, and presses. For the most part this routine just focuses on muscle size and strength building.
  • 10 x 10 Training – This method of training works on muscle tone and endurance. For people who training in endurance sports, this is the type of weight training routine to employ. You take an exercise like squats and pick a weight that is about 50% of your maximum lift. You perform a single set of 10 repetitions. Then you rest one minute and do another set of 10 repetitions. You continue to rest and do sets of 10 until you have completed 10 total sets. By the last few sets your muscles are in an entirely new state of fatigue from working towards 100 reps in 15 minutes.
  • CrossFit Style Training – Most people are familiar with CrossFit training, PX30, or any other hard-core intense workout that combines high intensity training, weights, and bodyweight exercises. These routines are very difficult and designed for people who are already in great shape that then want to push to the next level. It burns calories, works on endurance, involves some strength training and also agility work.
  • Circuit Training – Out of all the weight training routines, this is one of the most common. It is somewhat of a hybrid routine that covers strength, endurance, and calorie burning. There is some agility but as a general byproduct of weight lifting. Circuit are done by performing anywhere from 8 to 12 exercises in a row doing 1 set of each with minor rest between. Then after 1 time through all of them you rest a minute or two and repeat the circuit 2-3 times. Typically it works either half or the entire body.

There you have it, five excellent weight training routines to help increase your fitness level depending on your goal.

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