Healthy Late Night Snacks

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Generally speaking eating carbohydrates and fats after 7 or 8 pm is considered a definite sin for people looking to healthy late night snacksdiet or stay trim. But sometimes a snack is just required. Everyone is allowed to cheat now and again because if you eat like a saint all the time more than likely you will have a big binge day.

So instead of never allowing yourself something outside the norm, we offer up some decent alternatives for those special occasions. Friday night movie night with friends or poker night with the boys demand that something be snacked upon because you are staying up later and everyone else is enjoying food. Try these options instead of jumping on the bad food wagon.

Healthy Snack Options

  • Strawberry Milkshake – Get some low-fat vanilla ice cream (or kefir yogurt), frozen strawberries (or fresh), whey protein powder, and a little honey. Mix it up with some low fat milk for a nice filling shake that is full of protein.
  • Pretzels – The healthy man’s chips! These are a great alternative to chips and other snacks if you buy the whole grain option. For some added fun dip them in yogurt (which gives a slight protein addition).
  • Quesadilla – This might sound bad for you but with the right ingredients it is actually good. You need low-fat cheese and whole grain, high fiber tortillas. Don’t use too much cheese and either microwave it or crisp it in a frying pan. Slice it up and enjoy.
  • Popcorn – Plain popcorn with a hint of salt is a great snack and very low calories. You can season with cinnamon or spicy pepper for variety.
  • Veggie Sticks – Much like pretzels these babies have a decent amount of nutrition and fill you up quickly. Also they can be great dipped in yogurt.
  • Mixed Nuts – Trail mix, almonds, and other healthy nut mixes make for great snack food that can quell your appetite.
  • Flavored Water – Sometimes the simple things are the best. Water fills you up and keeps you hydrated with reduces hunger. Flavored water with something as simple as fruit taste great. Kill two birds with one stone with this drink.
  • Cottage Cheese with Honey – Surprisingly this sweet version of plain cottage cheese can taste like a nice treat. Plus with the protein it provides you are getting a nice late serving to boost muscle building.
  • Veggies – Mix carrot sticks and broccoli with a low fat ranch dip for a delicious and nutritious combination.
  • Fruit – You can never go wrong with fruits. A banana, raisins, or even apple slices with honey drizzled on them are all great snacks.

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