How Important is Protein to Muscle Development?

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A protein is a long string of amino acids linked together. Our body takes this string and breaks it down into the protein to muscle developmentvarious parts that are then utilized throughout our body. Muscle, along with other parts of the human body like skin and hair all make use of protein in their makeup. As protein is such a vital component to muscles it would make sense that it is also very important in muscle development.

Protein Basics

There are 20 amino acids contained in proteins. Of those 20 our body can only naturally produce 14 with the remaining 6 needing to be consumed. As they are a major part of muscles, skin, tendons, and blood vessels they are often called building blocks of the body. Proteins help in other ways in the body as well such as growth, healing, and generating energy.

Technically speaking without protein your body would not survive.

Protein and Muscle Development

The bottom line about protein and muscle development is that it is extremely important. How can you expect to add more muscle via growth to your body without additional protein within your system for the body to use? Imagine if you are trying to build a brick wall. The protein is the bricks. But if you have no supply of material how can that wall ever get bigger?

Additionally you need protein in your system to prevent muscle breakdown as well as handling repairs to the muscle for maintenance. If you are re-arranging your garage one day for example those muscles you use to lift heavy objects are being taxed and strained. Muscle fibers will need to be repaired and that takes protein.

Luckily protein is available from a lot of sources. Meat, dairy, grains, beans, and nuts have protein in them. The average person ends up getting enough protein in their diet to maintain their current structure. But for those of us who wish to have a different structure with muscles that are more toned, thicker, and larger we need those valuable building blocks.

It would be easy to get very technical in regards to the processes in the body that use protein and go off on a science kick with all the reactions that happen in the body using amino acids but is much simpler to just say yes you need protein. That is why protein supplements are so popular and athletes and bodybuilders eat such an enormous amount of protein rich foods.

The average person, whether they work out or not, would more than likely see an increase in muscle tone by simply tweaking their natural diet to include more protein and less fat and carbohydrates. As most people are in a state of slight protein deficiency or at best a neutral state, adding protein in can help the muscles repair and grow. While that growth might result in more tone than size without working out, that is still desirable.

So if you are looking for positive muscle development, take a good long look at your diet. Protein is a huge key and you need to make sure you are taking in enough each and every day.

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