The Truth about Diets

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The word diet should be classified as a dirty four-letter word. Why not? It is considered by many to be just as bad causing a cringe in many of us when we hear it uttered.

But why is this?

Diet really just means the food we eat or as defined in the dictionary as food and drink regularly provided or consumed. What is so bad about that?truth about diets

The Bad Rap

The word diet has really gotten a bad rap over the last thirty plus years. There have been so many articles and so much talk about ‘bad diets’ and ‘unhealthy diets’ along with a slew of ‘good diets’ and ‘fad diets’ that people have tried. All of this talk has created a psychological association of the word diet to mean being unhappy while cramming bland food down your throat.

Think about it; when was the last time you every felt happy when you heard the word diet? Do you ever hear about a bunch of delicious sounding foods as part of a diet? Of course not and therein lies the problem.

No More Diets

We need to just get rid of the word diet altogether. Whenever people use it, mentally it creates the wrong impression from which they base things. When you, ‘go on a diet’ you are basically telling yourself that the way you are eating is temporary and at some point you can go back to normal. That is a recipe for disaster because you are already admitting to yourself that you won’t stick with this program any longer than reaching the desired goal.

If you are on a Juice Diet do you expect to drink juice mixes the rest of your life? Or are you just following a pre-set plan for a few weeks or months to reach a certain weight goal. After you reach that point then what do you do? The idea of a diet is temporary and often doesn’t have a follow-up plan. Consider that along with how common it is for people to regain all of their lost weight (and more) after a diet.

Just Eat Healthy

Crazy plans and fad ideas just need to go away. Do you want to know how to get the body you really truly want? Just start eating healthy. There is no magic pill or combination of obscure fruits that need to be ingested twelve times a day. Instead you need to make a conscious effort to change how you eat all the time and just eat healthy.

If you feel the need to add the label ‘diet’ to it, then just say you are on a healthy diet. Whenever you are eating a meal ask yourself, “Is this part of a healthy diet?” Be honest and don’t lie or try and fool yourself and you will get to where you need to be a lot faster. Most people know what is and what isn’t healthy. You just need to start doing it and stop falling into the trap of think eating any other way other than healthy is acceptable.

Can you still stray? Of course you can. Having a special treat now and again is always fine as long as the bottom line of how you eat is healthy. That means natural foods, lots of fruits and vegetables, lean meats, fish, seeds and nuts, oats, beans, low fat dairy and good oils. Processed foods and sugars aren’t healthy and don’t need to be included. So shop healthy, cook healthy, and eat healthy. The results will be feeling better, looking better, and living better for a longer time without ever having to diet again.

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