Over the Counter Supplements to help with Male ED

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Sometimes as men get older there can be a problem. This problem is one that, in general, guys do not like talkingsupplements to help with male ED about because it involves something near and dear to them that is often related as a status of manhood. But it shouldn’t be such a hush-hush topic all the time. Actually it is pretty common and is also something that can sometimes be remedied quite easily.

ED stands for erectile dysfunction. While they say it is more common after age 60 it can really affect men at many stages of the game. There is just a problem with consistently obtaining a solid erection. There are lots of reasons why this can occur such as stress or mental blocks. Now with the advent of pills like Viagra or Cialis there is a quick option some guys can use to work around the issue. Yet, many people don’t want to take that step because of the stigma of using ED drugs like the little blue pill.

That is where supplements come in.

Natural Remedies

Sometimes there can be a natural problem in the body that creates the ED issue. Proper blood flow and circulation is one culprit while the depletion of minerals in the body can be another. Along with doing basic things like not wearing overly tight pants and getting regular exercise, men should give these supplements a try to see if they can help regain the balance in the body. The nice thing about these pills is that they are useful for a lot of things and don’t have the same stigma as prescribed ED drugs.

  1. Ginkgo Biloba – This herb has been well known for helping with ED especially for people who take anti-depressants. It has been shown to help relax muscle in the penis and help increase blood flow. But, it also helps with brain activity such as memory retention.
  2. Ginseng – This is another older remedy from the far East that has been said to have useful properties in helping with ED. Along with blood flow it help with energy and performance and has been shown to boost immunities.
  3. Zinc – Sometimes this mineral can be depleted over time for people with kidney problems, those who use diuretics, or people with diabetes. A little extra on top of the multi-vitamin never hurt!
  4. L-Arginine – This useful amino acid help increase blood flow. This is important because when smooth muscle tissue relaxes and blood flow increases then you get an erection. All of these pills that assist with blood flow work for this reason. L-Arginine also helps your immune system and promotes a healthier heart.
  5. Propionyl L-Carnite – This compound has been used in various studies for people who have not been able to use Viagra as effectively. It has been shown to boost the ability and potency of Viagra and also to help with ED on its own.

Most of these supplements are available for a decent price for a few months supply. If you take them all regularly (daily with lunch) then you should notice a difference within a week. Hopefully if you have had ED issues just adding these supplements to your daily intake can help balance your body out and eliminate the problem.

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