Why Real Men do Yoga

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Typically speaking, yoga is not the type of activity most men flock to. It is often considered like Pilates or aerobics; anwhy real men do yoga activity for women to stretch out. It isn’t about strength, it doesn’t look fun, and to start with it is rather hard. Of course most men don’t like doing things that make us look bad.

But in this case we should.

Yoga is very beneficial to men, especially in their thirties and beyond, because it is a challenge. As we get older our bodies can get injured more easily. Some of this has to do with a loss in flexibility. Practicing yoga helps with that. Yoga is all about stretching muscles and fascia tissue to make you more limber, longer, and in essence stronger.

For Health

Many of us would be surprised to know how much pain and discomfort we walk around with daily. Most people are not in a true state of bodily comfort. We have small aches and pains to go with slight misalignments in our bodies that we just deal with. We suck it up, take our aspirin, and keep going.

But some of that discomfort can be alleviated via yoga. The stretching of muscles and connective tissue helps cause a relaxation that increases blood flow in the entire body. This brings more oxygen everywhere to help with growth and recovery. Plus that lengthening of muscles helps with the natural body alignment you should have. You know, how you used to feel waking up every morning in your early twenties.

For Sports

Tons of athletes have been using yoga for years to help with sports performance. Golf, baseball, football, and even fake wrestlers have gotten into the yoga kick. The improved circulation helps with muscle and injury recovery. The added flexibility helps avoid injuries from pulled muscles. Also longer, stretched muscles are more elastic in regards to strength and speed. Last but not least, you have a better range of motion with more total body flexibility.

Golf is one primary example where the flexibility you have in your hips and shoulders directly relates to the power of your swing. The same can be said for a baseball player as they try and speed up a swing by using their hips. Basketball players can use that added range of motion for rebounding and shot blocking. The list goes on and on.

For Women

Let’s be honest, more women than men do yoga. If you want to find a place where you can associate with women who have a goal of getting in shape then a yoga class is a great starting point. Plus you get the added bonus of getting yourself in better shape.

Real Men

If you aren’t convinced yet about yoga being great for men then this should sway the tide. The following men have all practiced yoga (most during their professional careers) and endorse its helpfulness: Dan Marino, Cris Carter, Davi Duval, Shannon Sharpe, Eddie George, Al Leiter, Barry Zito, Sean Burke, Mike Leiberthal, Luis Gonzalez, Amani Toomer, and the Denver Broncos. You have everyone from tennis players to hockey goalies using yoga to help with performance and health.

So what are you waiting for?

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