E is for Efficiency – Top 5 Tips for Getting the Maximum out of your Schedule

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There are some people that love to complain about their lack of time. There is never enough time to get this done as 5 tips for efficient schedulewell as that. Of course ‘this’ and ‘that’ can be anything and usually are. The fact of the matter is that there is plenty of time in each day but most people are just highly inefficient in using it.

When this issue arises at the gym you need to nip in the bud right away. Otherwise you might start avoiding the gym because you just, “don’t have all that time,” and that is never a good idea. So let’s look at these tips to help you maximize that schedule!

Top 5 Efficiency Tips

Bring a Water Bottle – Fill that bad boy up before your workout and save all those walking trips to get a drink during your session. Yes you need to rest between sets, but that time can be spent stretching or adjusting weights; not strolling across the room. Plus you are less likely to engage in idle chit-chat, get distracted by something, or lose your station.

Trim Rest Periods – For warm-up and lighter weight sets you do not need to wait so long between sets. It is only on those heaviest sets where you are pushing for the maximum you can give that you need a little extra rest before and after for optimum effort. So instead of waiting 2 to 3 minutes between sets start off at 30 seconds to a minute.

Supersets – This is a high intensity style workout that can also cut your workout times in half. The idea is to combine two opposing exercises and alternate between them with little or no rest. An example would be pairing bicep curls with triceps pushdowns. They are opposing muscle groups so the use of one is not greatly affected by the other in terms of strength. The reduced rest is a bit misleading because your biceps are getting their normal rest in while you are working your triceps and vice versa. Plus it provides an incredible muscle pump as well as working both sides of a joint in the same session.

Reduce Repetition – By this I don’t mean actual repetition counts on your harder sets. But instead cut out some of the fat from each workout. For exercises, you don’t really need to do Bench Presses, Incline Dumbbell Presses, and Decline Bench Presses on chest day. Those are all great workouts but your triceps and shoulders are going to give out first. Pick one of those that work best and hammer it home. The same can be said for doing 3 to 4 different exercises for biceps. That is a small muscle group with only two heads to the muscle. Two exercises per session are enough. You can rotate exercises in and out if you want the variety.

Have a Plan – Know exactly what you are going to do each day before you get to the gym. Or at the very least plan it out while doing cardio or warm-ups. Too many people finish and exercise then look around deciding what to do next. Instead know what you are going to do and stay on track to do it as per your plan. Part of that plan should also include being done by a certain time. That will tend to make you workout faster so you can get out the door when you need to.


Being focused and on task all the time can be difficult. But having a plan and a few tricks in your bag can definitely help when it comes to maximizing your time and efficiency in the gym. Most of us are there to get our work done so when we are there that is where the focus should be.

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