Female Bodybuilding Supplement Blogs – What’s the difference?

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Is there really any reason to read a female bodybuilding supplement blog versus one that is for men or even non-gender specific? That is an interesting question. In many cases, men and women are similar and both do react the same to certain products. But, there are also some very critical differences in regards to specific nutrient needs, hormones, and even substances that women should not take.

On top of that, a lot of the female bodybuilding supplement blogs seem to focus excessively on diet products, which of course is good if that is what you are looking for.

So does it really matter?

Different Gender equals Different Focus

For the most part the biggest difference between men and women when it comes to female bodybuilding supplement blogssupplements is overall goals. Most guys want to add muscle mass and strength first and slim down second. On the flip side, most women want to lose weight (or fat) first and tone up second.

So obviously it makes sense t read a blog that fits your needs. If you want to get the breakdown of all the best diet pills and such the more than likely the female bodybuilding supplement blogs are going to showcase that type of post more often, in some cases repetitively so without adding value in other areas.

However, for the most part the goals of both genders are the same; better overall health.

By in large the formula for better health, which includes weight loss and muscle gain, is fairly equal regardless of sex. From a nutrition and supplement standpoint it is a lot closer that people seem to think with the big difference really occurring in the realm of training.

The Difference in Supplements

The basics are actually pretty equal for both men and women. You need quality mutli-vitamins, good sources of protein (like whey), your CLA supplements or some version of a supplement to balance omegas out, pre-workout fuel, post workout recovery, and then various minerals and amino acids.

Those are basic things everyone should use that will help shift body composition to a leaner, muscular look (with the degree of muscularity often determined by effort and time in the gym, not at the store).

The biggest thing about female supplementation compared to male is that women need more calcium, folate, B vitamins, coenzyme Q10, vitamin D, and lutein. Then you need to avoid standard Creatine (which they do make a female specific version that digests better) and anything that says it will boost testosterone while decreasing or inhibiting estrogen.

So really, between male and female bodybuilding supplement blogs you shouldn’t find too much of a difference other than the general goals. Of course as many blogs are geared towards selling products as well, you can expect that many female only blogs will just try and push certain female branded products without giving other products as much press, even if they are good or better.

As with everything you read online, the key is to use your best judgment. Some information is provided to benefit all readers without selling anything. Other people are really just pushing a particular product. Take this blog for example. Yes this is a supplement site and we sell supplements. But we sell just about everything. Because of that we try and focus on providing information that will help people make an informed decision on what is best for them rather than direct people to one particular product.

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