P90X Results, What Can I Expect?

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Sometimes it is hard to figure out whether or not a workout program will be effective or not. Honestly aren’t most of us skeptics these days? We have heard it before; if it sounds too good then it probably is. Yet you see those commercials for programs like P90X and you see the testimonials with those incredible P90X results and think, “Yeah I could use that.”

So does it really work? What can you expect?

Sadly when you do a Google search on P90X results, or any of those types of programs that rely on DVD sales to make a buck, you end up running across a lot of “review sites” that always talk it up. The reason being is that these reviews of P90X and its results are just part of the sales ploy; sad but true.

The Real P90X Review

Here is the honest is answer…it can work…or it might not.P90X results what can I expect

P90X is just like any other program; you get out of it what you put into it. Can you achieve the results they claim? Some people probably will, but plenty of others won’t.

What you really get with this program is a wide range of workouts. The 12 styles of workouts are interesting and hard. The variety alone makes this is decent buy. That is also what they consider their key to getting results, the constant change to keep your body guessing.

You also get diet information with a complete meal plan. This isn’t just a quick overview, but actually fairly detailed and uses standard formulas to help with weight loss while ensuring proper nutrition for muscle maintenance and slight growth.

The bottom line is that this is a well thought out and complete program. The varieties of exercises you learn, which includes body part targeting, yoga and more, is excellent and worth the price. If you aren’t at a moderate or advanced level of knowledge about fitness, you will certainly learn a lot. They provide the framework and direction, sort of like hiring a personal trainer.

It compares to plenty of other programs out there, but the reality is that you will get out of it what you put in. If you get plenty of rest, follow the workouts, eat the way they want and add in some supplements you should start seeing your body firm and tone up in a few weeks and some definition appearing a few weeks after that. It’s not necessarily the program that will be the key to success.

The Real Keys to Success

You can get great results with P90X. You can get great results with other programs as well…if you work hard, are consistent and are in it for the long term. Those are truly the three keys to being successful in any program. Unlike an actual personal trainer or class, there won’t be anyone providing the motivation.

  • Hard Work – Obviously to get great P90X results you have to work hard. The program can be a real killer, which is good because getting ripped is hard. You will never get great results from a program by giving subpar effort. Some people who have complained about P90X were not always giving it 100%, following the workout program but not the diet for example.
  • Consistency – If you want to look great it takes a lot of consistent work. You can’t workout hard for a week, take two weeks off, and then workout a few days and expect great things.
  • Marathon – Fitness should be looked at as a lifestyle adjustment because it is truly something you pursue long term. Far too many people try for short fixes to look good for summer or shape up for an event. Even if you are using a program like P90X to reach a short term goal, it should be approached with the mentality of staying fit for the rest of your life.

So there you go; you can get good results or even great ones from P90X. It is a good program and can work; if you are willing to do the work that is. Of course keep in mind results will vary. The closer you are to being ripped when you start will dictate how long it will take to achieve the promised results. Your body can only lose fat at a certain rate along with gaining muscle.

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