The Top 5 Supplements for Bodybuilding

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Everyone wants to know the secret. You know… the trick or hidden information that allows a person to get the maximum in the minimum about of time. People constantly scour the internet looking for the perfect diet combination, the best workout routine, and of course the best supplements for bodybuilding.

What group of supplements will give you edge? Which ones are going to propel you and make you grow into a champion instead of a chump? After reviewing the most popular supplements for bodybuilding along with most used we have compiled a list of the best of the best. If you are going to take supplements then these are the ones you absolutely should be using.

The Big 5 Revealed!

  • Universal Animal Pak – This training pak has been making the rounds since the mid-80’s because it works. Everyone needs vitamins because your body should have 100% of all the vitamins and minerals it needs. The Animal Pak has that plus amino acids, a performance complex, and anti-oxidant complex for a true one-stop shop. You definitely need a multi-vitamin and this is a top choice on the market.
  • BSN – NO-Eplode 2.0 – It is a key to fuel up properly before your workout. This BSN product helps get your ready and makes you more alert, increases endurance, helps with oxygen delivery, increases your pump, and sotop 5 supplements for bodybuilding much more. Along with some vitamins and minerals there is also Creatine, electrolytes, and amino acids.
  • SciVation Xtend – During the workout you start the road to recovery. An intra-workout drink is critical to ensure nutrients like amino acids and electrolytes are hitting your system as they are needed. This helps to optimize protein synthesis in the body and speed up recovery time.
  • MusclePharm AMINO1 – After you workout it is time to recover and that mean a post-workout performance drink. The Amino1 is basically a hydration and muscle building cocktail rich with BCAA’s, vitamins, and more which get quickly absorbed into your system to recover and rebuild muscle faster.
  • Green Tea Extract – Along with building muscle you need to trim fat, increase energy, and provide valuable anti-oxidants to your body. Green Tea Extract is a one-stop shop to cover that and more.

These five supplements for bodybuilding cover the basics. You need a multivitamin to compliment your diet. Then to ensure that your workout is effective as possible you use a pre-workout and intra-workout drink. For faster recovery with more growth you also add a post-workout drink. Then for fat loss you have some Green Tea. Really the only thing missing from this list is Whey protein to add into your diet for additional protein or as protein replacement.

This group of five supplements covers most bases. While you could also take individual amino acids, you are including a decent amount in the various shake. There are other brands out there as well that provide these products, but not all brands use the same quality of ingredients which can then lead to a lesser performing product. These specific items have proven themselves to amateur and professionals alike who have all had great success using these supplements for bodybuilding.

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