The Ultimate One-Two

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Don’t have much time but still want to get in a great workout? Not a problem when you combine these two fantastic exercises together!ultimate one two

Let’s face it, life isn’t perfect. People are usually much too busy to have the downtime they want for hobbies and things like working out. In a perfect world we have a simple schedule that allows plenty of time to keep ourselves in shape.

But since that not how the real world works, we need to be adaptable and have options. This routine is a great option to have. It works your entire body, can be done anywhere without equipment, and it is simple. What more could you ask for?

Ultimate One-Two Workout

This program is based on using two bodyweight exercises. You have the option of doing straight sets of each or super-setting them together. In either case you will be doing a decent number of sets making this more of a muscle endurance and toning type workout versus raw muscle mass building. But that is not to say you won’t be challenged because these are tough.

Single-Arm Wall Push – This little gem is surprising in its effectiveness while still being simple. You start on your hands and knees facing a wall. You want to be close enough to the wall that you can reach your hand out and press firmly on the wall with your arm almost fully extended. This is key because you need that small amount of room to ‘push’. Place both hands on the ground and assume a push-up position with feet slightly wider than shoulder-width.

From this standard plank position lift your right hand up and place it on the wall and then use your entire body to press all the way from the balls of your feet through your hand on the wall. Push for a 5 count then place your right hand back on the ground. Next do the left hand. If you want to make the exercise even harder do a standard push-up between wall presses.

Jump Squat Extensions – The jump squat is a tremendous exercise that works on explosive power and the muscles in the hips and legs. We add the upper body to the equation by swinging the arms in time with the descent and reaching towards the sky on the upward motion. By pumping the arms and using them forcefully you engage more muscles.

Start with knees slightly bent and feet shoulder-width apart. Squat down deep going back and down until the thighs are parallel to the ground. Make sure to bring your arms down by your sides. Then explode upward, pushing off the ground to jump straight up as high as possible while pushing your arms straight up overhead. Land lightly on the balls of your feet and repeat.

The Workout

Here are a few options that both work wonderfully:

Option A

  • Single-Arm Wall Push – 60 seconds
  • Jump Squat Extensions – 60 seconds
  • Rest 30 seconds
  • Repeat cycle 6 to 10 times

Option B

  • Single-Arm Wall Push – 5 sets of 10 reps (a rep is touching the wall for a 2 count, a pushup, touching the wall for a 2 count, a pushup) – rest 30 seconds between sets
  • Jump Squat Extensions – 5 sets of 15-20 reps – rest 30 seconds between sets

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