What are the benefits of Tough Mudder Training?

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Tough Mudder is a very brutal event that combines an intense obstacle course with a 10 to 12 mile run. It wasbenefits of tough mudder training originally designed by the British Special Forces and used for training strength and stamina as well as mental fortitude. So why the heck would you want to do this type of event if you don’t have to? Well to start, there are many benefits in Tough Mudder training even if you don’t end up doing the event.

An event like the Tough Mudder is much more than running a half-marathon with obstacles thrown in. It is about working hard and overcoming obstacles with a team of other people and having fun in the process. Luckily training for an event mimics the actual event so you should be able to have a great time while getting in shape.

There are whole training courses and boot camps devoted to people who train for these annual events. Why should you join?

Why Tough Mudder Training?

It’s Fun – Training with other people can be very enjoyable because you share a common goal. People can motivate and push each other. Even if you aren’t going to compete you can help people who are and they will be there to push you as well.

It’s Hard – Training for events such as this involve using every aspect of your body. Your muscles need to have strength and endurance as well as be useful in a lot of angles or positions. Your cardiovascular system needs to be able to handle short bursts of intense activity as well as longer periods of endurance. Ideally you are training to get to your peak level of fitness.

It Works – This type of training will get you in the best shape of your life. Running is a great exercise. Lifting weights can develop muscles. Cycling can be very competitive and challenging. But combining so many styles of training will make you more physically fit in all areas. This can help in any sports you like to compete in. This type of training also is very useful to any other activities you might do as your goal is to make your entire body stronger and fit.

It strengthens you Mentally – There is a certain level of joy and satisfaction a person can attain when they push themselves to their absolute limit. It is not very often that we give it everything we have. But when we do, and come back stronger, then we truly learn what we are capable of. Knowing your limits, then pushing them to new heights is very rewarding.

Why Not Tough Mudder Training

Fitness programs like CrossFit, Rush Fit, or other boot camp style programs are very similar to how you train for Tough Mudder. They involve a lot of hard work, determination, and mental fortitude. But doing this type of training is rewarding on so many levels that it is well worth the blood, sweat, and tears you go through.

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