Nutrition Rules of Ripped

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Moses had the Ten Commandments; we have the Rules of Ripped. While we are taking nothing away from his ten,nutrition rules of ripped we do feel that these rules are pretty solid and can help you a lot. The thing is you have to be faithful about following them. These rules aren’t just a framework of ideas. Instead you need to view them as your own commandments to getting and keeping the lean body you desire.

If you didn’t want to change your body you wouldn’t be reading this. But that change takes a commitment. So start right now. Make a pact with yourself to follow these nutritional rules. Become the person you want to be!

Nutritional Rules to Live By

  1. Thou Shall Not Drink Sugar Water – This means cola, Snapples, energy drinks, fruit juices, and even some of those vitamin water drinks. Most of this stuff if 10 percent high fructose corn syrup. That sugar adds up over the day. More than likely if you are like an average American then you are adding 300 to 400 calories a day from this type of stuff which equals about 15 to 20 pounds of weight over a year. Diet soda is not an alternative.
  2. If It Grows Thou Shall Eat It – Fruits and vegetables are the cornerstone of good health. They are full of fiber and nutrients like those vitamins our bodies love. As much as processed foods (including fruits and veggies) are, the raw, natural stuff is the better choice every time.
  • I Shall Eat Protein Every Meal – This is critical because your body craves protein to build and maintain lean muscle. To get what you need every day it is essential you take it in about 5 times a day. That means including things like eggs with breakfast, yogurt for a snack, and really any or every source of protein to ensure you give your body what it needs.
  1. Thou Shall Always Eat Pre and Post Workout – Why bother working out if you aren’t going to obtain the maximum benefit from it? Really that is just simple logic. You will get a better workout with a proper pre-workout meal. You will have sufficient energy and your body won’t start breaking down muscle tissue for energy. Post-workout is when your body truly grows stronger but will only do so optimally if it has the right nutrients available.
  2. Thou Shall Not Skip Breakfast – Not ever. First thing in the morning your body is in a negative state because it has gone so many hours without food. You need food to restore the proper balance. Plus you want to eat more calories early in the day instead of late where the unused ones just turn to fat.
  3. Thou Shall Eat Salad – You need your greens. It fills you up and provides critical building blocks just like protein such as vitamin B and folate. Salad makes a great dinner choice with some meat for people who want to be lean.
  • Thou Shall Follow the Rules Usually – Don’t try and do things 100% of the time. If you do eventually you will go crazy and binge out. Instead go easy on yourself about 10 to 20 percent of the time. But, when you do try and make the smart decision. If you are eating out by all means grab a burger, but maybe skip the extra large side of fries with ranch dressing. Remember, the more you add on is just more to take off.

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