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Things that are Blocking Your Weight Loss Goals

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Are you feeling stuck about losing weight like you just can’t seem to reach your goals? Maybe you just feel like you are a few pounds overweight or it could be a lot. That is nothing to be ashamed about as most Americans carry excess weight and since you are reading this that means you are looking for a solution. Maybe you are further down the road with more than just a few pounds to drop. No matter what the case you need to be aware of a few things that can actually sabotage your goals. You might not expect it, but these things can be the difference between weight loss and frustration.

  1. Late Night TV – According to studies, people who part it in front of the televisionlate at night typically are much worse off than those who don’t. A combination of boredom eating, slowed metabolism, and even missing valuable sleep can equal the body latching on to fat instead of burning it off. So turn it off to help burn it off!
  2. Work Travelling – People who have to travel a lot for work are very susceptible to sticking on or keeping on the pounds. Usually there is a lot of car travel, business lunches, and inability to pack your own food combined with lack of movement. What to do? Combat this with regular walking breaks and pre-packaged snacks!things that are blocking your weight loss goals
  3. Too Much Cardio – This might seem funny but it is true. Doing too much cardio vascular work, especially low end things like walking that burn less calories, can lead to burning up muscle instead of fat. Higher intensity brief periods of exercise like running hard for 30 minutes get you more into the fat burning zone compared to slowly jogging for hours. Try to incorporate interval training or two higher intensity sessions over one prolonged slow one.
  4. A Full Fridge – It can almost be a psychological problem when you see all those food options that you end up craving more food than you need. Plus there is a feeling of not wanting perishable food to go to waste. On top of that, having lots of fresh food that requires preparation can be daunting and make you skip the good stuff and head for the easily accessible bad things. The key is to balance out your fridge to a medium level of fullness and on shopping days set aside time to package or prepare fresh items like veggies so they are easy to access and consume.
  5. The Soda Fix – Soda is easily the worst thing on this list because it can is full of sugar and wasted calories plus it causes cravings for more. Typically people who drink soda daily are going to be almost 50% larger than people who don’t. Do yourself a favor and go cold turkey on this habit.

There you have it, our top five things that can be blocking you from reaching your goals for weight loss. If anything on this list is something you do find a way to eliminate it and enjoy the results!

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