Supplements and Nutritional Aids for Dieting

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Some days it can be a jungle out there if you are looking to diet and lose weight. You have ads all over the place talking about how you can drop weight super fast and get that bikini body you have always wanted. Sadly these magic pills never seem to work.

On every ad they have some sort of “*” followed by “results may not be typical” for whomever is telling us how great the product is. That is because there aren’t any shortcuts to getting in shape. You need to follow a reasonable diet eating slightly less calories than your burn from your daily activities plus working out. To speed up fat loss doing cardio work burns calories.

So should you even bother with any supplements? Yes!

Let’s talk about what you should be taking and why. These aren’t magic pills but they will help with the overall process and make it more effective.

Supplement and Nutritional Aidssupplements and nutritional aids for dieting

Multivitamin – A good multivitamin in critical to everyone. You want to actual buy a high quality pill because the grade of nutrients used are better which means a higher level of vitamins and minerals are getting into your system.

Calcium – Calcium is good for women no matter what because it helps with bones and many women are calcium deficient or will be as they age. On top of that there have been some studies that show a relation with calcium and weight loss when ingesting 1000mg per day.

Fiber – This supplement keeps you full which then makes it easier to eat less food. Taking 38 grams a day will help keep hunger pains away according to the National Academy of Sciences Institute of Medicine.

Green Tea Extract – There is a relation with green tea and the healthy antioxidants included within that goes with weight loss. Various studies have been made and while direct correlations are hard to come by, it seems that the extract helps with increasing metabolism which helps burn more calories each day.

Glutamine – This pill helps prevent muscle breakdown when the body needs to harvest glutamine from the muscle tissue.

Chromium – Great for reducing food cravings and regulating/reducing sugar cravings and has some aspects of weight loss help.

Protein Shakes – These are a great supplement to any diet. To start they fill you up. Also the nutrients they provide you are needed for building blocks of working out. When you are eating 5 to 6 smaller meals per day, using a protein shake or two is also a very simple option.


After a certain point you can be taking too many pills and supplements. But this list is really only a hand full of pills that you take over a day. The results might surprise you. While the pills alone will not trigger any massive change in your body without proper diet and exercise, when combined with a good fitness program they definitely make the journey easier and faster which is what we all want!

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