Training Secrets

Keys to Continual Progress

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Change is inevitable in life. However, in regards to enacting the type of change we want in our bodies; that can take a bit more work! But time and time again it has been proven by people that there are certain fundamentals or keys to making that progress.

So here are the top points that everyone should strive to do if you want to see continual progress.


Your Keys to Continual Progress

  1. Positive Attitude – This is probably the most important key keys to continual progressabout everything in life. If you are positive and upbeat then you avoid the bad days. There aren’t the valleys of missing workouts and chowing down a whole pizza out of frustration. You have more focus, you know you can succeed, and then you do.
  2. Understand the Big Picture – Life is a marathon, not a sprint. Far too many people get so focused on this week or this month for their goals. Sure, that is short term motivation, but your gains should be considered over a longer period that that. Be in it for a healthy long haul and avoid doing things in the short term that will damage you.
  3. Keep Records – You can’t know where you are going if you don’t know where you have been. Records don’t always have to be meticulous, but they should include a decent amount of detail. Otherwise how else do you know if what you are doing is working and what different factors might be beneficial or detrimental to your training?
  4. Listen to Your Body – Some people forget that the body sends signals when it is tired and needs more rest. The more in tune you become with your body, the better life will be as you will learn when to relax and when to crank it up to “11!”
  5. Eat Smart – What you get out of your body is a direct result of what you put in. Think about that simple fact every time you sit down for a meal or a snack and make a choice that benefits you the most.
  6. Be Consistent – Rome wasn’t built in a day but it was made pretty quickly. Why? Because those guys showed up each day and put the work in. Take days off when needed but don’t take weeks off. Have the occasional cheat snack or meal but don’t make a day of it. The consistency will get you there faster than anything else.
  7. Work What You Hate – The best way to make a lagging body part is to train it first and hardest. Don’t be that person with the massively imbalanced physique because chest and arms are so much more fun than legs.
  8. Do Cardio – It is important to your health and your heart over the long term. Doing it regularly keeps you in better shape and that is just good for anyone.
  9. Take Supplements – A great diet is wonderful but you can always make it a little better with what science has created. This ensures you always have everything your body needs to function at a peak level.
  10. Be Open to Ideas – They used to think the Earth was flat. People used to think that working out for 2 hours straight was a good idea. Things change as we learn more and it pays to be open to new possibilities about things that could be better for you if given a chance.

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