How to Isolate Your Trap Muscles

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One of the more stubborn muscles out there can be the trap muscle. For some of us it How to Isolate Your Trap Musclesgets lumped in with calves and other muscle groups that just don’t seem to respond to standard training. It seems like we can just look at our chest or biceps and they grown, but those darn stubborn muscles don’t seem to grow no matter what we do.

So what should you do? Obviously ignoring the problem doesn’t work because ideally you want a well-developed complete body. The first thing you should do is read this article. Then digest the information, consider it, read the article again and finally hit the gym after making some adjustments to your training program to incorporate some of the concepts we will cover.

Tremendous Trap Training

It really doesn’t matter as much if you do trap training with shoulders or back. From a “use” concept, the trap muscle is incorporated more with back muscles and tend to fit better with a back routine to avoid excess training. But, if you really like doing them with shoulders then by all means do. Just make sure you have enough rest days in your routine between shoulders and back so they aren’t over taxed.

The Pre-Exhaust

For stubborn traps a solid pre-exhaust is one of the best ways to get them going. This super-set combination is about using medium weight, good form and really getting the blood flowing while focusing on the traps. Then we can hit them hard and heavy.

    • Front Rows – These are also called upright rows. Use a low cable and a rope handle attachment grabbing the rope with hands extended down. Pull those handles up the front of the body while leading with the elbows until you get to mid chest. Pause and hold for a 1-2 count then slowly lower the weight. Aim for 8 to 12 reps and superset this with…

    • Cable Shrugs -Switch the weight to something heavier if you need it but use the same rope handle. Pull your shoulders towards your ears and keep your hands in front of your body. Keep a steady pace of 2 seconds up, 1 second pause and 2 seconds down. Again aim for 8 to 12 reps. You only need to do 2 total work sets when supersetting both of the exercises.

    • Regular Shrugs – Now it is time to go hard and heavy. You can use dumbbells or a barbell for these. You are already warmed up so we will get right to it. Grab something really heavy and grind out 6 to 8 reps, going to complete exhaustion (do more reps if needed). Rest 30 seconds and do another set (dropping weight if you need to for at least 6 reps). Rest 30 seconds and do another set (dropping weight if you need to for at least 6 reps). Make sure to do full range of motion and no excessive jerking or cheating. Now switch to a light weight and blast out a 20 rep set aiming for a faster pace. We really want to blitz the fibers and pump up the traps. Rest 60 seconds and do a second set aiming for 20 reps.

Boom! There it is! That is some complete training that will leave your neck and each trap muscle hurtin’ for certain the next day. I highly recommend not doing this program full bore unless you have been working out for awhile. We attacked from multiple angles mixing heavy and light to hit as many fibers as possible so it should hurt a lot the next day, but that pain means growth!

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