Surprising Diet Foods

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Everyone is always looking for an edge in the battle to take off weight and keep off weight. Can these foods help tipsurprising diet foods the scales for you in a good way?

You had better believe that there are a ton of great options out there to help in the battle of the bulge. It is just a matter of finding out what really works, what you enjoy, and applying that knowledge in a way that helps get you to your goal as quickly and easily as possible!

The Nice Nine

String Cheese – With low to zero carbs this cheese won’t mess with your blood sugar. While there are some calories it also has a nice dose of protein which helps keep you fuller longer. Sticks are portable and easy to grab for a quick snack.

Apples – An apple a day keeps the doctor away. Three apples a day can help keep you full because these fruits have a decent amount of fiber to stop food cravings. Pears can also jump on the bandwagon. Use them as a mid-morning and late-afternoon way to fill up without going overboard.

Peanut Butter – Nope, we aren’t joking. Natural peanut butter has a few nice properties regardless of the fat content. To start with it is a good source of protein. Plus it also has piceatonnol which helps block the formation of fat cells but only in the natural version. Spread some on whole wheat toast and enjoy!

Popcorn – Skip the pre-bagged stuff and cook it on the stove in a pot with some oil. This high fiber low calorie snack is a great after dinner fix for those with the munchies.

Yogurt – This food has been shown in multiple studies to help with weight loss more than any other food. Why? Because it is low in fat, has protein, is very tasty, and makes a very easy snack or as part of a meal.

Sauerkraut – It has only 27 calories per serving but helps boost immunity and enhance digestion. That sounds like a win-win for something to fill you up while you slim down. It can go on sandwiches or as a side.

Quinoa – This is a super replacement for rice and other grains. It is very high fiber and high protein to give you the best of both worlds for filling you up and acting as a great addition to a meal.

Black Beans – They are choked full of antioxidants and protein. They also help regulate the blood sugar level to keep food cravings from popping up. Talk about the perfect addition to a burrito!

Ground Flaxseed – Just sprinkle this on top of cereal and yogurt and watch the pounds melt away. A tablespoon will do it.

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