Should I Be Using Probiotic Supplements?

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The concept of probiotic supplements has been a bit of a hot topic lately. Should you use them? What exactly can they do for you? Are they safe? These are all important questions everyone should ask before starting a new supplement because you need to be careful with what type of products you put in your body. While there are plenty of great supplements out there, there are also ones you should be wary of.

So which type are probiotic supplements? Let’s jump into it and figure it out!

Probiotic Basicsshould i be using probiotic supplement

Probiotics are a type of bacteria that is used to help balance out the microflora in the intestines. In case you weren’t aware, you actually have organisms in your digestive tract. A healthy system has a nice balance of both “good” and “bad” types. An unhealthy system can be due to a decrease in beneficial bacteria from things like antibiotics leaving an abundance of “bad” types.

They can help prevent diarrhea, reduce cramping, dissolve gas, prevent infection in the intestines, and help with inflammatory bowel disease.

For people concerned with safety, most probiotic supplements are simply based on what is already within your digestive system. Some are regulated as a food which is not the same as a drug. A very common probiotic supplement is the Activia yogurt that Jaime Lee Curtis promotes. Others are available as a simply pill or powder.

Stomach Issues

Plenty of people suffer from stomach issues. There are lots of reasons such as certain foods causing irritation. For those people who utilize supplements like protein powder and Creatine sometimes deal with upset stomach, gas, or diarrhea after consumption. Other people simply suffer from IBS.

Obviously nobody enjoys stomach issues. They are uncomfortable and seem to always occur at the most inopportune times.

Yes or No?

Overall the idea of probiotic supplements is a positive one. They have a lot of benefits and no real negatives associated with them. Probiotics keep the digestive tract clean and balanced.

Specifically they are going to help to detox your colon. If you diet includes lots of fiber that can cause constipation which the probiotics help eliminate. They can also help with foods that might cause discomfort, allergic reaction, or a negative reaction. Also it will replace missing bacteria which can occur after taking antibiotics. Finally they can help with overall health. By flushing your system more regularly your body attains a healthier state.

If you suffer negative consequences from protein shakes or other supplements you typically ingest a lot of then a good probiotic supplement definitely makes sense and will make a difference. They will also help with issues in digesting beans and protein from other sources. More than likely if you have been suffering issues then balancing out your system will be a cause for celebration for both you and anyone around you!

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