Top 10 Foods that Lead to Better Sex

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Who doesn’t want to have great sex? People who don’t have it want to. People who have some want more. If the sex is only mediocre then more than likely you want it to be better. Even people who have a great sex life probably wish that it was kicked up a notch to mind-blowing.

So what is the answer to getting better sex? Does it start with a book on positions or with the ideology of tantric sex? Possibly, but the easiest way to kick things up a notch in the bedroom is actually based on your diet. Nutrition plays a huge part in how well your body reacts, how the blood flows, and general levels of arousal. Deficiencies in certain areas can actually kill a mood faster than inopportune gas.

To get things going right all the time so the right time becomes anytime, check out this list of our top 10 foods that will lead to better sex.

The Top 10 Sex Foodstop 10 foods that lead to better sex

  1. Whole Grains – Wow lookout! This isn’t very exciting but a nice bowl of oatmeal actually goes a long way in the bedroom. Whole grains and oats are high in zinc which for men helps with increasing testosterone (and semen production). More testosterone means increased levels of desire (for both sexes) and whole grains provide a longer lasting energy to help you last longer in whatever activity you undertake.
  2. Dark Chocolate – The good stuff with 70% pure cacao (or bean) or more is full of great antioxidants and phenylethylamine which releases the same endorphins triggered by sex. This stuff will seriously turn you on more than making out…so have some first before you make out.
  3. Chia Seeds – These little seeds will make something grow. A tablespoon is packed full of omega-3’s, omega-6’s, protein, calcium, iron, zinc, fiber, and antioxidants. Along with boosting stamina they help with blood flow (to everywhere) and feeling stimulation.
  4. Artichokes – Pantothenic acid is found in artichokes and helps work with the liver to deal with the response to the nervous system. That basically means eating artichokes makes us more sensitive to stimulation.
  5. Celery – This veggie actually is something to munch on before you make a move. As you chew it, it releases androstenol and adrostenone odor molecules into your mouth which then get up to the nasal passages. This causes you to get turned on, and then your body sends of scents and signals that the other sex picks up on.
  6. Eggs – A great source of protein and Vitamin B, eggs are a great choice for breakfast when you have a date that night. The Vitamin B helps reduce stress which can keep you calmer when it is time to get excited so you don’t get too excited too quickly.
  7. Vanilla Ice Cream – The perfect dessert before post-dessert activities is this flavor of ice cream because not only is vanilla a relaxing scent but the ice cream has lots of calcium and phosphorus can boost the libido.
  8. Blueberries – A solid choice for men to help not only increase fiber and keep the pipes clean, but also to help relax the blood vessels and improve circulation which leads to stronger erections.
  9. Steak – What man doesn’t like steak? The protein is great for lean muscle and boosting dopamine in the brain that heightens sensitivity during sex. Then you also get another serving of zinc.
  10. Sunflower Seeds – Full of Vitamin E and Antioxidants! These seeds are a great addition to help fight the effects of aging plus other nutrients.

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