Top 10 Supplements for Healthy Living

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Nutritional supplements are a must item for people who have a goal of living a fit lifestyle. That is not to say you have to spend tons of money to buy all sorts of strange pills and things found on infomercials. What we are talking about are the tried and true staples that everyone should be taking.

Various vitamins, minerals, and other compounds have proven themselves time and time again in various studies for their ability to not only help our efforts to stay trim and fit, but also live a long and healthy life. Really, that is what all this work is for isn’t it? You want to have a long life full of good health so you can enjoy living!

So with that we give you are Top 10 Supplements for Healthy Living:

  1. The Multivitamin – This is always at the top of the list for a really good reason; you need it. Never skimp on the quality of your multivitamin because typically that means lesser quality of vitamins and minerals in the product. Capsules or gel-caps are recommended for easier absorption. Ideally these are best to take in the morning or at lunch.
  2. Flaxseed oil – This Omega-3 fatty acid is assumed to help with a lot of issues but does not have enough concrete evidence to obtain an across the board recommendation. However the potential upside is so big that you should be taking this gem. It is helpful in weight loss, cancer prevention, reducing blood pressure,top 10 supplements for healthy living preventing heart disease and diabetes, and has even been linked to treating ADHD. It is very all purpose for your overall health.
  3. Fish Oil – Much like flaxseed oil, Fish Oil packs needed emoga-3 fatty acids. By the same token they have the same expected affects of lowering cholesterol, helping with blood pressure, reducing inflammation, and helping protect against cancer.
  4. Ginko Biloba – This extract helps with memory as well as peripheral circulation. Basically it helps with blood flow in area in the brain which can help offset memory loss, headaches, and other areas. Also with the blood flow assistance it can help with poor circulation in the hands, finger, and legs. Supposedly it can help with sexual performance in men by increasing the circulation in that area as well.
  5. L-Arginine – This supplement is used by many people as an immunity booster and to help improve athletic performance as well as shorten recovery time after injury. It is helpful in the prevention of heart attacks. From a bodybuilding standpoint this is a building block of protein that your body can’t naturally produce.
  6. Acetyl L-Carnitine – This is another essential amino acid that helps protect your brain as well as reduce the effects of depression. It occurs in dairy products and red meat so for the vegans it is very useful.
  7. Quercetin – This is an endurance supplement that can help increase performance. It is an antioxidant which helps move oxygen in the blood. For people who want a longer cardio session you can add 500 mgs of this bad boy twice a day.
  8. Vitamin C – The old standby to prevent scurvy! This vitamin is actually great for repairing the body and helping with tendons and ligaments. Most men are lacking in Vitamin C (not deficient, just not at an optimum level) even with a multivitamin. Add a tablet later in the day if you take your multivitamin in the morning.
  9. Ginseng Complex – This is another one of the ‘all purpose’ supplements that is considered useful as a stress reliever, promotes energy and performance, increase immune function, helps lower blood glucose levels, and helps lower blood pressure.
  10. Creatine – If you are trying to gain any muscle size or strength then using a regular creatine cycle is essential. It is a natural energy source within your muscles and cycling additional amounts allows for a boost of the amount within the muscles. However you have to cycle it because there are diminished returns over continual usage.

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